For the seller, he is assured of Chile WhatsApp Number List at the best price without worrying about possible negotiations. The seller does not set an initial price but rather a range (ideal price and low price) and the timeframe he wants to sell his property (roughly, the time he has in front of him before being really bothered by his bulky). Then, our platform operates a “top” which determines the right price. We were inspired by the principles used in agricultural markets (clock sales) to boost and support the price of perishable foodstuffs; it is about lowering the price automatically until the object finds a buyer. This system encourages people to buy before the good comes under our noses and therefore guarantees an attractive price for the buyer and acceptable for the seller.

Also, we offer (like other marketplaces) secure online payment, via a piggy bank system where the money is sequestered before being transferred to the seller, when the delivery is received. What is important for us is above all to offer a smooth experience without any unpleasant surprises to the buyer and to ensure that the purchase is completed. To do this, we have integrated the service charges into the purchase price, and the delivery charges are clearly displayed and flat-rate within the area covered: no unpleasant surprises when finalizing the purchase.

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Finally, our strength is to offer relevant search modes and filters on the searched objects. As we are specialized in household items, we can offer truly personalized support adapted to the realities of everyday life. For example, when looking for a wardrobe, we will have criteria on the layout and type of storage: wardrobe, shelves, drawers … we optimize all of this to facilitate the search for buyers. The goal is that they spend as little time as possible on our site and make their purchase as simple as possible. To do this, I am inspired by my professional experience in “category management” for large-scale retailers (shelf development, merchandising, etc.).


For the buyer, we make his life easier by offering him a 100% integrated logistics solution. We have integrated our logistics chain directly into our platform: partnerships with moving companies, buffer storage platform. This platform is used to group together packages to ensure rapid delivery and in one go to a buyer who has acquired several goods from different sellers. To recall the history, after 15 years of marketing and sales in the consumer goods sector, I left my previous job in the summer of 2019. In September 2019, I got serious about my project. I met my partner in November 2019. We started work

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on the platform in February 2020… and after less than a month of collaboration, we are confined! We learned to work together remotely and we were able to launch the site in May after exiting containment. The acquisition on the site really started from September 2020; We had two great operations which made us known: we helped the Grands Voisins to give their furniture a second life and we organized the resale of all the furniture of The Family. It was a great success, we posted almost 400 ads online just for The Family. At the start of 2021, 375 days exactly after the official birth of the company,

We need to accelerate and increase acquisition. A person from Blabla Lines with whom I spoke at the start of my project told me something that marked me a lot: “a marketplace is like having a handful of sand in each hand and throwing the sand in it. ‘air hoping that the grains meet. Better to have a lot of sand! ” On the entrepreneurial scale, we went from 0 to 1; now we have to go from 1 to 10. This year, the work will be focused on structuring the team, improving the product, developing in Paris and in one or two other cities perhaps in order to reach a size. criticism and gain notoriety.

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