Where things get more complex it is on this same approach: A qualified lead is not a cold prospect; A qualified Lead is not a prospect waiting for you with a pen in hand to sign; And that, the salespeople who are brought to manage qualified Leads very strongly tend to forget it. The qualified lead for your sales team is – probably – a qualified lead for your competition. And yes! If your qualified Lead has found you, they’ve also found your competition who are starting a conversation with them. This is an additional difficulty for salespeople. The Lead evaluated the contents of your site and your positioning, read one or more white papers, and… achieved his podium of potential suppliers. You have to arrive on the first step of this podium to sign with this prospect.

However, it’s important to realize that acquiring traffic shouldn’t be your only social media communication goal. To go further, I encourage you to read this article: 15 experts reveal their best tips for communicating well on social networks. The buyer, always more solicited by marketing messages, prefers to watch a video rather than read a blog post. In any case, for the start of Funnel Marketing where it has not yet started. Getting in touch with a qualified lead generated by marketing. You can read it again, it’s the same sentence. A qualified Lead has filled out a form and therefore provided specific information that the salesperson should use to contextualize their first call. In this sense, making contact is easier.

You just have to do math

The answer is yes. And it is for this reason that a lot of companies stop communicating on social networks: they no longer have the necessary means to Germany Phone Number generate ROI. Post more on social media to generate more traffic. As can be seen here, by publishing 1 post per month, we attract an average of 1.3 visitors to our website per 100 subscribers. If we go to 5 publications, we attract 2.7 visitors each month. From 9 posts per month, the traffic gain begins to stagnate: between 9 and 12 posts per month on social networks, we attract an average of 4 monthly visitors for 100 subscribers. What is your traffic potential with your social networks? The last point brings more complexity for salespeople.

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Not great! 100 social network subscribers generate 2 monthly visits. For 100 fans on Facebook, you generate an average of 1.4 visitors per month on your website. For 100 Instagram subscribers, we are almost at 0. Twitter, which was a great social network to attract traffic 2 years ago in France has lost a lot … For 100 Twitter followers, we generate an average of 1.1 visitors per month. Ridiculous. The 3 most effective social networks for generating traffic are P interest (4.5 visitors per 100 subscribers). LinkedIn (2.7 visitors per 100 subscribers). YouTube (2.3 visitors per 100 subscribers). Post more to earn more? Yes! Does the frequency of publication on social networks have an impact on the volume of visitors generated each month on your website?

Graph proves it to us once again

As you can see in this graph, for every 100 social media subscribers, a business gets an average of 2 visits each month to its website. In 2015, we were at 3.5 visitors per month. However, it is interesting to analyze the traffic potential according to social networks because it varies enormously. A number of visitors generated per 100 subscribers per social network. To communicate well on social networks, it is essential to invest in the right platforms. However, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the performances presented here are averages and that it is important to choose your social networks according to your market and your target. We note here that the social networks owned by Facebook are quite tight-lipped in traffic.

Do you communicate on social networks to attract visitors to your website? You might be disappointed: for per month. This is 2 times less than 5 years ago. Let’s see the study. What if we had to stop communicating on social networks? This is the question I dealt with recently in an article that generated quite a bit of reaction on the web. This new study proposed by Neil Patel, one of the Digital Marketing gurus in the United States, will once again fuel the debate. In this study of 483 companies of all sizes and all sectors, we see that the value, the ROI, of 100 subscribers on social networks is still lower. Communicate on social networks to generate traffic?

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