You have a beautiful website that cost you an arm and a leg (or both!) But you have a problem. Your customers. It’s all the more unfortunate that the modern buyer is forcing you to make your website your best salesperson. So where does the problem come from? Let’s see. In fact, the analysis of your conversion funnels should be enough to obtain all the data necessary to measure the performance of your website. A low conversion rate can be explained in many ways whether it is for the conversion of your visitors to Leads or the conversion of your leads to customers. To help you in this analysis, let’s see together the avenues that can explain why your website is not earning you anything.

Your website is not generating leads. In B2B, the average conversion between visitors to your website and your Leads is around 1 to 2%. Mathematically, the more visitors you have, the more leads you to generate. To find out how to attract visitors to your website, you can consult the following article: 5 steps to attract more qualified visitors in B2B. What if your conversion rate from visitors to Leads is below, or even significantly below, the average? your website does not generate or too few leads, you should look at the following points: For our customers, a bad visitor/lead conversion rate can always be explained by at least one of these 3 points. Often our customers’ websites do not offer downloadable content and there is, therefore, no conversion point other than the famous “Contact us” button.

Your downloadable content

Your conversion points. The buying journey of Your Persona. In other words, the only action that it is possible to do on this site is to get in touch with the company and therefore the commercial part. Unfortunately, it is usually too early for that Denmark Phone Number and no one is filling out this form. This is where your visitor’s shopping journey comes into play. Indeed, your visitors are not ready to speak with a sales representative, that is to say, to fill out a “Contact us” form. You, therefore, need different conversion points that respect the buying and thinking journey of your visitors to generate Leads with your website: Buyer journey: the length of the sales cycle – Inbound Marketing. Once you’ve factored in your Persona’s buying journey, set up different conversion points, and created white papers, it’s time to work on your conversion funnel.

Denmark Phone Number
Denmark Phone Number

Namely, the establishment of a: CTA. Landing Page. Form adapted to the purchasing process. By studying and working on all of these points, you should be able to identify where the problem is with your low conversion rate from visitors to Leads. About 75% of the Qualified Leads you generate on the Internet are not ready to become a customer. This means that only 25% of these Leads can be passed on to salespeople. Aligning marketing and sales: a crucial issue. What to do with all the Leads who are not ready to speak with a salesperson? And above all, how do you get Leads to become qualified Leads, ready to talk to them? Here again, we observe “exotic” strategies which deteriorate the conversion rate. Unfortunately, the most common marketing thinking is.

Your website leads aren’t qualified

“Is he a Lead? You have to send it to the store, they will know what to do with it! ” Error. Big mistake! As we have seen, the vast majority of Leads generated are not ready to become a customer, so they have no desire to speak with a salesperson. This important part, that is to say, 75% of the Leads generated, must first be worked on by marketing. We see this phenomenon in companies where there is no alignment between marketing and sales and therefore no common definition of a Lead and a Qualified Lead. Another common mistake that can prevent you from gaining customers with your website is that of only dealing with leads that are supposed to be interesting and paying no attention to others.

Clearly, no message or communication is sent to the Leads who are part of the 75%, namely the unqualified Leads. We observe this behavior in companies in which. The marketing does not have the time and is not equipped. An effective tool for good management of the Leads generated. The answer to these two mistakes is to put in place a Lead Nurturing strategy. This is the best solution so that the conversion of Leads into Qualified Leads is as high as possible. Sales reps aren’t converting leads from your website. Most of the work was done by the marketing team. Now it’s the sales reps’ turn. Although lead management is easier than hard prospecting, managing Leads well is quite complex for sales reps. Why? What’s easier for salespeople: get in touch with a qualified lead generated by marketing. What is more complex for salespeople.

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