So remember to Afghanistan Phone Number List the way you create content for your visitors by anticipating their expectations. 5/5 (2 reviews) You will like also : What is SEO? Know everything about … SEO challenges and trends for 2022 10 ways to optimize your crawl budget for SEO When to post on Instagram? How to perform the technical SEO audit of your site by … Top 5 factors taken into account by Quality Raters Does your web font have an impact on SEO? 10 things to do if your site isn’t showing up in Google SEA: The Ultimate Guide to Your Google Ads Campaigns Summary of SEO upheavals in March 2020 To share Gauthier Caizergues SEO DIRECTOR My name is Gauthier Caizergues and I have been working in the field of SEO since 2010, the year during which I forged my knowledge through several entrepreneurial experiences.

In 2014, I joined La Redoute in the SEO team of Renaud Joly and Grégory Florin. I then joined the digital marketing agency Labelium in Montreal, Canada, where I held the position of SEO director for 2 years. It was following this experience that I co-founded Agence 90 where I am SEO director. Facebook launches Shops Facebook launches Shops, its e-commerce platform for VSEs and SMEs Previous podcast agency 90 covers Podcast # 3 05/26/2020: Translated Content, Facebook Shops & UGC Content for SEO Following No comments Post a comment.

Google Cannot Find Your Page

Google does not differentiate UGC content from original content Google does not differentiate UGC content from content published by the webmaster of a site, in terms of ranking. In a video that is part of the Ask Google Webmasters series, John Mueller from Google explained that, for ranking, Google does not treat the content of a page published by the webmaster differently from UGC (User Generated Content) which refers to the content published by Internet users (comments, forum discussions, etc.). Google considers these two types of content to be the content you want to appear on your page .

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e, they will be considered of equal value for the SEO positioning of the page. In this video posted to YouTube, here is the original question John answered: “Google positions sites according to the relevance and quality of their content (among others). Does this approach also apply to UGC content? ” question-content-ugc-google Summary What is UGC content? John’s response Moderate your UGC content And the links in all this? Our opinion What is UGC content? User Generated Content (UGC) is considered to be any type of content added to a page by users after the page has been published. This can take the form of comments at the end of an article, threads of discussions between several Internet users, forums or even entire pages whose content has been written by users of the site.

Google Does Not Differentiate Ugc Content From Original Content

John’s response While there are many forms of UGC content, Google treats them the same as original content posted by the page author. John Mueller specifies, however, that UGC content must be displayed on one page according to the publication and quality standards imposed by the site owner. In other words, don’t automatically accept all comments posted by users. Here is John’s response in detail: “In general, Google does not differentiate the content that you write as a webmaster, the content that your visitors write and publish on your pages.

If you decide to display content written by your visitors, it is because you agree to it being visible on your site . This is an indicator that we take into account for the ranking of your page ”. To summarize, if you receive a lot of comments on your articles or a lot of discussion threads are created, be careful that they are of high quality, because once published on your site, Google will consider them as content that you have validated. Hence the same treatment with the content you wrote yourself. Moderate your UGC content .

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