Generation May 68 always up to date, active, versatile and adventurous: it is one of the most popular targets at the moment by marketing and Timor-Leste Email List professionals. Young people, what are they? Contraction of “young” and “seniors”, this is the term coined by Grenade & Sparks and Co Meet following their study on the consumption pattern of 60-75 year olds.

According to them, this would be the new golden age. Marketing and advertising communication is therefore directed more and more towards this particular population. This is a real opportunity since they represent 20% of the French population. Brands can play on the “cool” image, free and without complex.

Young People And Digital

By using AdWords, it is possible to follow the evolution of what is called our branded organic traffic , that is to say the visits induced by keywords including your brand or the name of your products. This kind of research is done by internet users who are specifically looking for your brand or business, and is generally not influenced by our SEO efforts. On the other hand, if your branded organic traffic is flat and your general organic traffic is increasing, you can deduce that this evolution is due to your SEO efforts and you can include this data in your analysis report.

Timor-Leste Email List

Which Digital Marketing to understand the perception of visitors?
The objective here is to locate the keywords that Internet users use to reach a website. As explained above, an alternative would be to monitor branded organic traffic to see what terms are associated with my brand. Some keyword suggestion tools can also be useful, such as Google Suggest, Ubersuggest, SEMRush, etc. You will then be able to see which words are commonly associated with your business that can provide you with great optimization opportunities.

The Second Youth Of Seniors

Shortly after May 1968 and in the 1970s, young people enjoyed their youth in abundance. Their parents, a post-war generation, did not really live the same period. The youth of 2018 would be much wiser because they face more responsibilities and doubts in connection with the economic crises and the environmental catastrophe present. According to a study by TNS Sofres, young people today would party less, because of social networks which are enough to socialize and entertainment platforms like Netflix which make them more homeless.

They are also more and more adopting a healthy, vegan, Zen lifestyle, unlike their elders and the hippie or rock’n’rool generation, very fond of drugs, excess and sexual freedom. With longevity and improved health, baby boomers who were 20 in 68 have a new life ahead of them and seek to continue their aspirations, fulfill their desires. They are hedonists: their life is not over and they are ready to take advantage of it. Moreover, often when you meet a youngster, his agenda is fuller than before his retirement!

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