You will see that, generally, Internet users express themselves in comments. Because they have on the video. Don’t make the mistake of talking to your followers like you do in a meeting. Julie’s social media tips. Julie Roseville. Use private voice messages on Instagram and LinkedIn”. One of the new features that are still little used and which therefore have a “Wahoo” effect when you send it. Is the use of voice messages. Instead of making a big, impersonal post. Take the time to record a short, personalized message. Your future customers will hear your voice. Be honored that you took the time to record a message especially for them and overall you will have broken the ice!

This feature should be used sparingly, however, so save it for your best prospects. Those who are about to buy and only need a little push to do so. This technique is used strategically. Will significantly increase the engagement of your communities. Moreover, Linkedin is the essential social network today for all sizes of companies. But also for professionals for your digital visibility and your personal branding! “Do real-time local marketing with Twitter”. Twitter in its advanced search features. Allows you to select specific terms and then target them based on their geographic location. It’s a great tool that can help you do real-time marketing. For example, if you are promoting a restaurant in a particular city and someone tweets that they are hungry.

How to optimize your About page?

You can invite them to come over and taste your specialty. And with a discount code or a free aperitif, it’s even better! But it’s up to you to use this technique according to your objective or that of your client if you are a community manager. As part of the promotion of a Algeria Mobile Number sporting event such as a marathon, for example, you can regularly before D-Day, challenge people who tweet about the race and thus increase the sympathy capital and the brand awareness of wind. Remember, the closer you can get to being in real-time with your audience, the more positive you will have! Communicate on Twitter according to delphine. Delphine Foviaux. *AIO = Reception, Information, Orientation.

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What encourages subscribers to stay loyal to a brand or a company, even to engage, is the quality of the relationship and the communication, much like in a couple. To communicate well on Twitter, my main tip is to know our community well. To know what to talk to them about, in what tone, and when I systematically look at who the new subscribers are. They took the step of following our account (Le CIDJ), I assume that I have to show them that they are important to us. Showing them is taking the time to get to know them and it’s easy, given the amount of information available on a profile: photo, nickname, bio.

How to know your community well

Latest publications (tweets and replies to tweets). So many indications allow me to add them to thematic lists, to engage in conversation with them, and to communicate with them because the CIDJ is aimed just as well at young people, parents, partners, institutions, to members of the Youth Information network, to AIO professionals. It is this knowledge of our subscribers that allows me to communicate with them according to the needs and expectations of each. Tweet like you want to be addressed to you. Communicating well with your community is also tweeting as I would like people to address me. Being at CIDJ for 26 years, I know by heart our different “targets”, our missions, the services we offer, the content of our sites, the partners…

An essential 360 ° vision to know what tone (text, GIF, emoji, visual…) to use according to the “target”, what content to highlight, but also to be accessible by systematically answering all questions. We may be an “institution”, we are also humans. And having this human side is essential to keep the social side of the network. Olivier’s social media tips. Olivier Monteux. Communicating on social media has evolved a lot in recent years. While it was enough to post a few posts with a pretty picture to reach. Your audience, today there is an almost endless. Amount of content and competition for audience attention and it has become much harder to get your voice heard. by his fans.

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