For many reasons, companies, celebrities, among others have decided to be present on Facebook to have the attention of their users on social networks. This is a way to interact with them, and show them that your fan page may be of interest to them. From that point, we start to know what is Engagement on Facebook. First, you have to know what Engagement is . This is the level at which the user interacts based on a reaction with the brand, in shorter words, it would be the users’ commitment to the brand . For this, it must be based on creating fidelity among users , so that later, they can identify with it, and can be part of it. In this way, they could be your new ambassadors on social networks , especially on Facebook. Thus, the success of your business, brand, could depend on them.

Community Managers have adopted new ways to capture the attention of thousands of users on Facebook, so that they can become one of the followers of the page they manage. In part, they would help the brand to meet the objectives of the fan page, and to define in what sense it wants to have a higher rate of engagement on Dominican Republic Phone Number Facebook. For this reason, Facebook has become the central point of digital communication between users and the brand . In this way, interaction with them is created. This interaction is done through Emojis such as “Like” or “I like it”. Thus, we will be able to know what content users like the most, and have an idea to generate more interactions on my page.

Reviews and Comments on Facebook

What is engagement on Facebook So what is Facebook Engagement? Explaining these two points we can know what engagement on Facebook is. It is the interaction reflected by a reaction that the fans have with the fanpage , which is based on a series of different interactions of the followers , when they give “I like”, “I love” or other emojis in the publications. This is not the only interaction, as also the option to “Share”, “Comment”, “Rate”, “Publish on the Wall”, “send inbox”, “check”, “Like” the page or any negative reaction involving the fanpage. Other definitions the commitment of the fan page to involve the audience with the brand. Sometimes, they confuse that engagement on Facebook is done when we click on fanpage posts.

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But we must clarify that this is not the interaction.  As metrics for engagement, since a person can click on a video to see it. And that does not mean that you like it.  Just like the images or other content. To make your audience a loyal follower of the brand, you must create a series of strategies that will lead you to define what you want, or the way in which you have to set those goals. After this first step, it is important to create content that attracts the attention of your potential users, so that the interaction between the brand and the user can be created. Post attractive images and videos. Posts with less than 50 words. Post linking to texts or notes on the brand’s website. Images posted from Instagram to Facebook. The day with the highest engagement rate is Monday.

How to Remove Negative ?

Facebook engagement Ideas to increase.  It Other ideas to have a higher engagement rate on Facebook is by talking with your users. Taking the time to respond to their messages. And crafting a good response, will be part of building user loyalty with your brand. Remember that if the answers are personalized, and not a standard template, it will work better. And finally, generate content of interest and quality. Don’t just think about yourself, but about your audience. Content metrics will be based on what your users like the most. Having content that generates links with your followers. Having more likes on your page, that your posts are shared every time. Will help increase engagement on Facebook. Remember that there are tips for posting good content on Facebook .

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