You can see for yourself how often customers come back and Kazakhstan Phone Number what the average revenue is per customer. Customer value of a returning customer as a journey. In this example, the customer thus yields 150 euros. Calculate your net profit. Subtract Kazakhstan Phone Number costs from revenue. How much of this net profit do you reserve for acquiring a new customer + retaining current customers? What do you invest in online marketing? For example, you could Kazakhstan Phone Number choose to invest $30 in acquiring new customers and $20 in retaining current customers.

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Think of remarketing campaigns, email Kazakhstan Phone Number marketing, a savings system. Below is an overview of the costs and revenues per year per customer. Think about how much of the net profit you want to reinvest. Cost Revenue/turnover Kazakhstan Phone Number Packing, shipping, etc. €150 (30×5) €300 (60 x 5) Advertising costs €50 Total €200 €300 To be Kazakhstan Phone Number completed to determine the online marketing budgets for 2022: Ask Reply What were the costs of online marketing last year? You can drop them below in the comments. Not ready with your 2022 plan yet? Then read this blog about 5 innovative trends in 2022 .

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Kazakhstan Phone Number

€6000 How many new customers has this Kazakhstan Phone Number generated? 200 What are the marketing costs per new customer? €6000/200 = €30 What does a customer spend on average in your webshop in a year? €300 What is the average margin on your Kazakhstan Phone Number products? 50% What is the net profit per customer (turnover – costs)? €150 How much of your net profit do you want to reinvest? €50 How do you want to divide this between acquiring new Kazakhstan Phone Number customers and retaining current customers? €30 new customers / €20 existing customers ROAS 2022 Advertising costs per new customer? The peak period for marketers is almost upon us again. In the last – and most important – months of 2021, the inboxes of your customers or target group will be flooded with discount codes and festive greetings.

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