To inspire you, to immerse yourself in and to brush up Namibia Phone Number on your knowledge. Are you ready for 2022? 1. Act Human Why successful organizations invest in long-term relationships – Karel Demeester, Sarah Steenhaut, Jan Callebaut Act Human book Namibia Phone Number cover. Is marketing the art of manipulating human weaknesses? It’s time to shake off this stereotype. Marketers need to reinvent themselves, argue the authors of this book (nominated for the PIM Marketing Literature Prize). In other words: bye marketer, hello human activator. Marketing specialist Kim Namibia Phone Number Pot writes in her review that the term gives her the creeps, but she agrees with their view: ‘The writers argue for a more people-oriented approach to marketing. They believe that the essence of marketing is establishing and maintaining human relationships. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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Many companies have again this year made an attempt Namibia Phone Number to make their marketing more humane. Corona is a good incentive for that, but we can take many more steps in that direction.’ 2. Creative Writing For copywriters – Roy Ishak Creative writing book cover.How do you write creative texts if you are not creative yourself? According to Roy Ishak it is a matter Namibia Phone Number of asking yourself certain questions and following a system. Arjan Jonker recommended the book through our call on LinkedIn : ‘The USP of this book is that Roy not only gives Namibia Phone Number examples (of himself and others), but also explains his own writing method step by step. In this way he demystifies ‘creativity’ as something that depends exclusively on ‘inspiration’.’ In her review of the book , Charlotte Meindersma gives you a taste of the approach.

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Never normal Never normal book cover.Uncommon Namibia Phone Number Ideas for Leaders Who Won’t Settle for the Status Quo – Greg Verdino Talking about digital transformation gets you nowhere. It’s in the action, the real doing, says Greg Verdino in his book Never Namibia Phone Number Normal . He doesn’t believe in the new normal of the pandemic, he believes in a ‘never-normal’. In 16 blogs he advocates a different mindset. Read Eric van den Berg’s review here. 4. Play Skills Your Namibia Phone Number winding path to more creative thinking, working and living – Vincent Mirck Play Skills book cover. Nothing stimulates the brain more than play. But as adults we have forgotten how to do that.

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