you must also have certain skills and knowledge for a Community.  Manager to improve the quality of the brand on social networks. Next, we will mention what a Community Manager should know. Know the concepts of social networks.  A Community Manager must know the concepts of Facebook. Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest and LinkedIn. In this way, you will know how to work in each one of them and.  You will be able to take full advantage of it because.  You will know what each one is managed. Learn about social media management.  A CM must have extensive knowledge in the management of social networks.  To optimize the quality of the results on the page.

Therefore, you must know about investment costs on different platforms.  Plan, execute, know the difference between click and impression. Among other technical concepts. Creative and management capacity Creating and managing Hungary Phone Number content. For a social network platform will be one of the functions of a CM. Therefore, you must create content of interest to your audience. Later you must analyze the answers of these to see.  If it works or not for the page. Knowledge of campaign planning.  It is important for a Community Manager to know how advertising campaigns. On social networks, because they must generate emotion and interest in the public.

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Know and interpret statistics Obtaining the results and statistics of a campaign will be key to improving social media management. Therefore, a CM must know and interpret these metrics to communicate to the brand what needs to be improved and propose new communication strategies. Knowledge in Design Some brands have Design areas, but if they do not, the CM must have notions of design programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, which are the most relevant. That way, you can improve the quality of the content with images and illustrations. Learn about video editing It must be recognized that a video can increase the interactivity between the followers and the brand.

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Therefore, a CM must have basic knowledge of video editing and creating entertaining, informative content, gifs, and other audiovisual materials. have good creative writing A CM must have impeccable and error-free writing. But it is important that you have the ability to say a lot in a few words in a very creative way. It may interest you: Why your company needs a Community Manager Community Manager Courses To Study Online 12 Things a Community Manager Should Be and Why It’s Invaluable Skills and knowledge that a Community Manager should have Community Manager functions community manager functions Just as a Community Manager must have certain characteristics, skills and knowledge.

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This Social Media professional also fulfills certain functions that help to better manage their work. And most importantly, it helps to meet the objectives of the brands. Next, we will show you the main responsibilities of a Community Manager : Analyze campaigns and social media statistics By performing this function, the Community Manager will be able to see if the brand’s objectives were met, and see if they have captured the attention of potential customers. In addition, you will be able to know in what points it is necessary to change or improve. Stay up-to-date with the latest trends A Community Manager must know the latest news and innovations in the market, because they will be able to create content that is at the forefront of trends.

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