Finally, the great New Zealand Phone Number List l is obviously the appearance of the “Google Protection” badge for these companies that will join the program. Indeed, these “Premium” Google My Business listings will maximize their chances of attracting more leads than traditional listings that will not display the badge.When we talk about duplicate content, we mean very similar, or exactly identical, content found on several pages of the same site or between several sites. The objective of this article will be to identify the reasons that can generate this situation for you and how to solve it.

Before starting, we would like to clarify that this article concerns internal (on-site) duplicate content occurring between several pages of the same website and inter-sites (off-site) relating to identical content published on several websites. Therefore, these two types of duplicate content will be taken into consideration. Strictly speaking, duplicate content is very similar, or exactly the same, content that can be found on multiple pages of your own website or on other websites.In general, duplicate content is content that brings little or no added value to your visitors. Therefore, pages with non-existent or very thin content will also be considered duplicate content.You will quickly understand, you must avoid having duplicate content because it confuses search engines and can affect your SEO performance .

Why is duplicate content bad for SEO?

For example, having a dozen pages of duplicate content on a 100 page website is one thing you should fix, but where duplicate content will really weigh on your SEO performance is when there is too much of it!When there are multiple versions of content (across multiple pages), it is difficult for search engines to determine which page should be indexed, and then display it in their search results. This reduces the performance of all pages with that same content as they compete with each other.Search engines will have a hard time establishing the degree of EAT (Expertise, Authority, Trust) of each duplicate content, especially when external websites return backlinks to several of these pages.


The authority will thus be diluted to those duplicate pages displaying the same content.The multiplication of duplicate content on your site and therefore, irrelevant pages, will waste the crawl budget allocated by search engines to crawl and index the pages of your site.Google’s behavior towards your organic visibility will be different depending on whether you are guilty of duplicate content between pages on your site or between pages on different sites.Having duplicate content can hurt your SEO performance, but you won’t be penalized by Google until you intentionally copy someone else’s website . If you are an honest website owner, having technical difficulties and not trying to cheat Google, you don’t have to worry about being penalized.

Duplicate content from other sites

On the other hand, if you have copied copious amounts of content posted by other people on other sites to your site, you are in a tightrope. This is what Google says about it:“In the rare event that we believe that duplicate content may be displayed for the purpose of manipulating our rankings and misleading our users, we also make the appropriate adjustments in the indexing and ranking of the sites involved. As a result, the site’s ranking may be affected, or the site may be permanently removed from the Google index, in which case it will no longer show up in search results. “Generally, in the case of duplicate content between several sites, Google does not impose penalties on sites that display this same content as explained below:“

Duplicate content does not have any particular negative consequences for your site unless the objective appears to be to deceive and manipulate search engine results. In the event of duplicate content issues, and if you do not follow recommendations above, we take care of choosing the version of the content to display in our search results. “In other words, Google will try to identify the page / site which published the content first in order to make it more visible than the others who have reproduced this content identically.

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