Web development has been a constantly changing field since the commercialization of the internet, which began in the early 90s. In the beginning, Rwanda Email List was of little importance and code was privileged. In 1997, we witnessed a first disruption thanks to Dreamweaver editor WYSIWYG anyone mastering the software can build his site. Which is good for students and less good for businesses. It is also the beginning of a generated code which is therefore less optimized, therefore heavier and less reliable.

A few years later, the developers co-build systems called CMS (WordPress, Drupal etc) thanks to the open source philosophy. He manages to become the market leader. This is a very good thing for access to technology and entrepreneurship.

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Wordfence published a report presenting the main attacks and threats that WordPress sites faced the most in 2020. It is noted that more than 4.3 billion exploited vulnerabilities were detected by Wordfence’s scanner in 2020. The attack The one that most targeted the CMS is the malicious login attempt. Over 90 billion malicious login attempts have been blocked by the security plugin.

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That is, in 2020 there were 2,800 attacks per second targeting a WordPress site. Many other attacks have been recorded such as directory traversal attacks, SQL injections and malicious file downloads. To prevent a site from being infected it is necessary to protect it against all types of attacks.

Migration Of Yubigeek, From WordPress To Laravel

Maxence Rose, founder of YubiGeek has been working for a few weeks on a brand new blogging platform inspired by WordPress. However, for the development of his site, he uses the Laravel framework . He considers it the most complete tool for developing applications. It is necessary to underline that many people who used WordPress consider that there are not enough functionalities which allow to have a complete tool and therefore turn to Laravel.

When creating a website, many wonder about the tool they will use for it. Two names constantly stand out: WordPress and Laravel . However, many say that it is impossible to compare them, these two are complementary. If you want to benefit from the functionality of WordPress, you have to write it entirely yourself with the help of Laravel.

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