The French health system is Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Email Lists by both the State and the ARS (regional health agencies). The latter ensure, among other things, not only the establishment of public health policies, but also support for care establishments in terms of their coordination (ARS) and financing (State). The financing and the reimbursement system for medical expenses break down as follows: Compulsory schemes: social security scheme (adapted to the profile of the insured), and health insurance scheme (concerning the greatest health risks) Supplementary plans: coverage under contracts restricted to members Public funders: expenditure on prevention, medical research, etc. Households: all ancillary expenses not covered related to health Source : Today, several modalities coexist: the financing of town and hospital care, and of the socio-medical sector. But in a country that is evolving with digital, bills have been adopted in favor of innovation through new technologies, and in particular telemedicine . New original financing methods were introduced in article 51 of the social security financing law in 2018, allowing new approaches to be tested with this device, derogating from the financing rules of common law. The Article 54 , meanwhile, aims to repay acts of telemedicine still in experimental settings. Concretely, what does this bring? From now on, experiments can

Fundamental Principles

be initiated and supported to treat certain patients via more rigorous temporary monitoring. For example, the care of patients suffering from obesity with medico-educational devices. Even more, certain experimental programs allow start-ups to develop via the reimbursement of certain telemedicine acts carried out within the framework of their activity. This is notably the case of the ETAPES program (Telemedicine Experiments for the Improvement of Health Care Paths), which encourages and financially supports certain remote monitoring projects concerning defined pathologies (heart failure, renal failure, respiratory failure, diabetes and cardiac prostheses. implantable). We illustrated this operation in a previous interview with myDiabby ,


a start-up which offers an online platform for monitoring diabetic patients with their usual healthcare team . The agreement established within the framework of such a program allows practitioners or patients to be remunerated or reimbursed for telemedicine acts in town or in health establishments. We certainly do not go beyond the historical framework of care (acts of medicine – online-, analyzes) but the use of new technologies is not negligible. Why invest in such digital programs? Quite simply because they are profitable and they allow us to gradually transform our current system into a 2.0 health system. A little imagination and

Concretely, What Does This Bring

projection: what would this health system be? Imagine the characteristics of the health system of tomorrow … Our ideal system is: connected : it promotes telemedicine with platforms that really make patient monitoring easier – this type of operation is also starting to be tested with, in particular, the myDiabby platform for monitoring diabetic patients. Medaviz has also initiated this type of practice by allowing access to medical advice 24 hours a day and completely remotely. The idea is obviously not to replace “classic” face-to-face medical consultations, but to supplement / enrich them by making patients more active in their

health. This type of platform makes it possible to better collect patient health data and makes it accessible to the medical profession – which can, for its part, carry out remote monitoring and interact with the patient in an emergency. profitable : as we stated above, the digital programs transforming our current system are part of a win / win approach. By allowing doctors to continuously manage chronic pathologies remotely and patients to become more independent in the management of their illness, hospitalizations linked to complications are avoided. Let us take the example of a diabetic patient: access to an appointment with a

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