A commodity to be kept in the Belgium Phone Number pending payment state, that is, the inventory of the commodity . For example, I am a merchant, I only have 10 items (currently I can’t replenish the goods), 11 people come to buy one after another, and the first 10 have already bought or are paying, all have to make sure that the goods are deliver. only The 11th you are to tell them they are sold out and waiting for the supply. When one of the first Belgium Phone Number 10 people can’t afford it, you ne to confirm with him if he doesn’t want it. If you don’t want it, you can notify the 11th person that there is a supply. Bas

on this basic scenario, I still have 10 high-pric products, but there are 100 buyers.

A Commodity Needs to Be Belgium Phone Number

The first 10 people told me to buy them, but 1 said they couldn’t pay for the time being, and asked me to wait for 10 days. Should I consider it as a merchant? “Did he fool me?” If he doesn’t buy it, there are still 90 people Belgium Phone Number waiting for it, so I must shorten the waiting time to ensure that this product can be sold quickly and make money. But if I have 100 products, no one wants to sell this product for a year, and it is difficult to pay for it. Now there is 1 person who wants it. He said that I should wait for half a year. As a merchant, can I wait? It’s not easy to Belgium Phone Number sell anyway, so it’s okay to wait. So time and the relationship between supply and demand of commodities are related,

The Pending Payment State Belgium Phone Number

Belgium Phone Number

Personally, I guess, at the beginning, it needs to be determine according to the time difference between payment and re-payment, as well as the sales of goods. These data can be obtain through buried points. Make Belgium Phone Number sure that the interests of the merchants are not affecte, and that the buyers can buy the goods. If there are many categories and the difference is not large, the average value needs to be take; if the payment difference between different categories is large, it needs to be treate separately. 3. Why are some strong reminders through bright colors and important locations? And some are weak hints? Taobao, Fliggy, and JD all put the countdown to the top of the page,

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