Today we’re looking at a case that we noticed on the LinkedIn blog. There was an article about a very active company on LinkedIn: it is HP. It was announced on February 28, HP is the first company to surpass one Japan Email List followers on Linkedin. Surprising, while we regularly hear about Apple, Google, Samsung … But a quick glance at the company page shows us the extent of the work that has been done, and testifies to the quality of the content disseminated leading to great involvement. So there is no secret: creating quality content adapted to your interlocutors ends up paying!

To take no risk, take a step back and put yourself in the shoes of your prospects to interest them! The background is important butdo not neglect the form. Quality information offering added value to your targets should not replace a clear and pleasant design. It is a basic principle of communication, an important message will carry more weight with the right dress. If your strategy involves ensuring maximum visibility for your white paper, then it will be necessary to distribute the link that allows you to access it, taking into account the browsing habits of your targets.

What Can A Linkedin Community Be Used For? What Are The Prospects?

Nick Besbeas (VP ​​Marketing at LinkedIn) set out to explain why the followers accumulated by HP are valuable: A brand’s followers are committed to that brand. Following the activity of a company on LinkedIn is a desire to obtain information about the products and news of that company. The cultivated brand image is therefore very neat and ultimately, it is a question of initiating and maintaining a dynamic of exchange.

Japan Email List

These followers are qualified, their company and their position are described in their LinkedIn profile. Thus, according to published statistics, 12% of HP followers occupy typical CXO / VP / associate positions, 23% are directors or managers, 32% are senior managers, 43% of them belong to the department. information technology of the companies that employ them. A real marketing tool for HP on a very significant volume of contacts! These followers can be segmentedas part of a Marketing approach to meet the demands of many markets in which HP operates. Natalie Malaszenko specifies that she can present a solution to decision makers in IT departments or share news with employees of companies of a given size in a given region.

Linkedin, A Social Media Contact Tool To Reach Qualified Prospects

A million followers, through the interactions and configuration of LinkedIn, can indirectly reach a much larger community. Indeed, any interaction between these followers and HP therefore appears on the home page of these contacts, visible to all connections and generates extraordinary visibility on behalf of HP. In this case, we are talking about 43 million people, which corresponds to one LinkedIn subscriber in 4! As you will have understood, taking the time to keep a business page on Linkedin alive by feeding it with quality content, and interacting in discussion groups is a marketing tool that must be taken seriously.

Build an address book in LinkedIn today that will allow you to develop your business and make yourself known thanks to our agency specializing in Social Media Marketing! – Increased transparency and the circulation of information on clinical studies should also make it possible to improve exchanges and avoid scandals.

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