In line with previous articles such as ” How to convince your manager to invest in digital marketing? » , We wish to bring here certain elements concerning the profound changes which affect communication within companies, in particular with the rise of digital support. In this sense, we regularly meet marketing decision-makers within large Andorra Email Lists who are quickly lost when it comes to tackling internet marketing related activities .We then wondered about the reasons that could explain this state of affairs: very few marketing executives are aware of digital marketing or are able to implement concrete and effective actions on the web. We must then face the facts, digital marketing is profoundly different from traditional marketing and responds to very specific codes that can confuse experienced marketers accustomed to offline techniques.

About 25% of all Twitter accounts have never sent a message (some are “reserved” for future use while others are simply inactive). The observer is neither one nor the other, but he is not far from it either. He tweets very rarely, a little groped. He is not yet ready to participate actively and prefers to be content to follow certain profiles without interacting with them. We can easily recognize it thanks to its very low number of tweets and Followers, as well as a higher number of Following.

Initial training that limits experience in digital marketing

For most senior marketing executives, school benches are a distant memory and the opportunities to implement digital marketing activities within their companies have not necessarily presented themselves in the past 10 years. Yes, we are talking about this decade of digital revolution during which these managers will have evolved into positions of responsibility by making advanced use of traditional methods, but without necessarily devoting themselves to web marketing.

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Sometimes little solicited in this direction by general management, recent changes in communication techniques are now pushing marketing managers to review their possible digital backwardness. “The awakening” is then a little brutal and leaves room for apprehension or fear of the unknown, which push marketers to govern in different ways: Usually newly arrived on Twitter, this user can have a very active digital identity on other networks (especially if his biography is well informed). He may then become an interesting person to follow in the near future. In other cases, this profile is of no interest.

Blind activities which, without real strategy, are useless:

The first rather common reflex that we have observed in the field is characteristic of go-getter or poorly supported marketers. Under duress, by overconfidence or by lack of substantial budgets, they directly tackle the problems and set up community management actions , choose a web design agency , opt for paid referencing … Unfortunately, these activities ” blind ”are then used more to reassure management than to participate in the company’s commercial effort. They also generate significant stress for marketing professionals who find little internal support and must devote a significant amount of time to training.using new techniques with the resources they can find on their own …

The recruitment of a person dedicated to digital activities:
When the budget and the activity of the company allow it, it is then frequent for its managers to rely on a dedicated person who can pilot these web marketing activities. This idea then seems quite suitable but it involves finding an effective employee: he will have to understand the business of the company, know the methods to reach his targets, be an expert in web marketing techniques … But ultimately how to recruit a person for a expertise that we do not necessarily know how to evaluate? This can very quickly go wrong!

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