Infographics are a weapon of choice in the arsenal of a content strategy. More pleasant to read and more impactful than a blog article, they are Armenia Email Lists very popular with Internet users because they are educational , fun and useful . In addition, thanks to their ability to present complex information quickly and clearly, infographics represent a powerful marketing tool ensuring more visibility and engagement than a traditional ticket . It is not surprising, moreover, that visual marketing has become an activity in its own right in a content marketing strategy.

I found it interesting to share with you today a visual I found on the Search Engine Journal site that lists all the benefits you can get by creating and posting infographics in your content strategy . Despite its character a little too visually charged (this is moreover the criticism most often addressed against computer graphics), we can nevertheless extract some very interesting information.

Images in a tweet

Infographics are more visually appealing than written content because they combine images, colors, movement and content that catch the eye. As such, they can be used in a public relations strategy to grab the attention of journalists.

Armenia Email Lists

They correspond better to the consumption behavior of Internet users due to the explosion of content published every day on the internet (1.5 billion pieces of content, 140 million tweets and 2 million videos, and the trend is increasing every day) . In this context of over-information, our attention span has been significantly restricted and infographics, which can be scanned quickly, offer a perfect alternative.

Use dedicated plugins

They have much greater viral potential than other content. Spread intelligently on social networks, they can quickly spread like wildfire and reach a Reach that an article would be much harder to reach; 90% of the information that reaches our brain comes from our sight, which means that we are genetically programmed to better understand a computer graphic . Moreover, many brands have already understood this concept and regularly use infographics to strengthen their Brand Awareness.

They are highly sought after by Internet users . Every day, 13 million requests containing the term “infographic” are submitted to Google. asier to learn, more entertaining and more engaging than traditional content , infographics are admittedly more complicated to produce because they require advanced artistic and creative skills as well as knowledge of software such as Photoshop. Fortunately, the web is full of wonders and it is now possible to create your own infographic easily and quickly thanks to a few free tools . So you no longer have an excuse not to experience it!

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