The opening screen advertisement has Shandong Mobile Phone Number become a module that users generally see when opening the app. However. Wechat has not set this function. Why? Perhaps. We can discuss Shandong Mobile Phone Number from the perspective of wechat’s own positioning and the role of open-screen advertisements. The author of this article has answered this question. Let’s take a look. Have you ever encountered that when you open a mobile app. The advertisement page or related application will appear when you gently shake the mobile phone? Problem solving 028|wechat does not have a screen advertisement? Have you ever clicked “Skip” or clicked the big “X” on the opening advertisement page. But still jumped to other apps? Or open the app. It will show you click to receive wechat red envelopes. Let you set up the network mobile network. Sign the user agreement.

Treat Yourself as a Product Shandong Mobile Phone Number

And then go to another page after clicking? Problem solving 028|wechat does not have a screen advertisement? This kind of function Shandong Mobile Phone Number of jumping directly to the advertisement page without care can be said to be worse than the problem of “Can’t be turned off” in the past. And Shandong Mobile Phone Number everyone’s impression of the open screen advertisement also stays here. The apps that we can name have basically used the above methods. Including but not limited to . Weibo. Netease cloud music. Meituan. Iqiyi. Autonavi. Douban. Keep. Himalaya. Taobao. And pinduoduo. But there is no wechat name in it.The positioning of wechat is not only a communication tool. Zhang xiaolong’s positioning for it is relatively abstract. Called [a tool-type product that keeps pace with the times]. First it is a tool. And second it has to keep up with the times.

B-Side User Perspective Shandong Mobile Phone Number

Shandong Mobile Phone Number

They must be able to [continue to create value]. Based on this positioning. Wechat has made a lot of upgrades and breakthroughs. For us. These upgrades are not only functional upgrades. But also lifestyle Shandong Mobile Phone Number upgrades. Shake it. People nearby are a way to get in touch with a person; scan to get information and payment is a way of transaction; circle of friends Shandong Mobile Phone Number is a way of socializing; sharing life is a way of socializing; small programs are a way of providing services; it is a way to obtain information and create value; red envelopes. Videos. And emoticons are ways to interact with friends. And video accounts are a way to understand the world… When these things pop up one by one. We can feel that wechat is subtly changing many of our lifestyles. What it has to do is to go deep into a person’s life and lead users to break through the original way of life. Then.

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