As an agency in digital marketing strategy , during our missions we have regularly met clients in the upstream phase of their extended web projects and we Belize Email Lists came to the conclusion that they would greatly benefit from a digital strategy audit. . The picture is often quite similar from one company to another, and the same questions are ubiquitous in the minds of our customers:

We do not have a digital manager in our company, how to coordinate these activities between our different departments? We have about ten websites but little or no impact, who is responsible for it? We want to be more visible on the internet, how do we go about it and where to start? The probable causes: You haven’t set realistic marketing goals ; You do not use an analysis tool to monitor your indicators; You are not attentive to changes in your professional environment that may have an impact on your strategy

Digital strategy audit: key to success

To take stock of an anarchic , unorganized and inefficient digital communication activity , the audit is a real breath of fresh air. It is about putting all the company’s marketing players in their place, and identifying the role they can play in digital promotion activities . This step is also an opportunity for our teams of consultants to provide real in-depth training on digital marketing practices and on the notions of timing that frame this expertise. It is important to take note of the need to invest on a recurring basis in monitoring activities such as community management, referencing or content production., but it is also vital to consider digital communication as an investment.

Belize Email Lists

To make things clearer, we defend the idea of ​​a useful digital presence, generating an image but also participating directly in the commercial effort, by supporting direct sales or by generating qualified leads. We therefore consider that digital communication contributes to this success via two key parameters, the generation of traffic on the one hand, and the conversion of this same traffic on the other hand. It is on this basis that we can then put forward relevant elements adapted to the needs of all companies.

The digital strategy audit leads to savings in the long term

If the audit represents a significant investment, often between 10 and 50K euros for a large company, it is very profitable thereafter. Although companies very often plan a budget for these web activities , they are quite helpless as to how to break it down or measure the impact (read our article: evaluate the cost of acquiring a lead or a customer : Digital ROI ).

In this context, the audit provides clear and precise elements to identify areas for improvement. Very often, it is here that we realize the generalized waste of companies in this field, companies which mainly focus on the creation of tools or web platforms, but who forget the underlying utility. .

The result ? A multitude of uncoordinated tools developed in an anarchic manner, which generate very little return on investment, even if they have been paid a high price. Having global visibility on digital marketing investments then directly provides the necessary elements to move in the right direction without throwing money down the drain. We have often met companies that had invested hundreds of thousands of euros in irrelevant digital platforms or that had given way to specialized social networks without engaging in follow-up or promotion activities … It is therefore important to ask yourself the right questions before incurring new expenses!


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