Editor’s Introduction: for E-Commerce Applications. Product Detail Pages Are an Important Factor Affecting Product Iran Phone Number Conversion Rates. an Excellent Product Detail Page Can Attract Users to Click and Buy Products. in This Article. the Author Uses Design Thinking to Analyze the E-Commerce Application of the Cake Shop. Let’s Take a Look.in This Challenge. My Role Iran Phone Number Is as a Ux Researcher and a  Designer to Create a Research Program. Use Design Thinking to Aid My Design Process. and Produce User Personas. User Journeys. Information Architecture. User Flows. Wireframes. Mockups. and Prototypes. for This Challenge. I Use Design Thinking to Help with My Design Process.so Shoppers Don’t Have Much Cake Selection Except for One Store.

Add Items To Cart Iran Phone Number

E-Commerce App About Cake Shop –  When a User Is Iran Phone Number Directed to the App’s Account on the Home Page: They Choose the Cake They Want. Then They Read the Cake’s Description. If They Don’t Like the Sample Cake. They Can Customize It. If They Like the Samples. They Go to the Cart Page. Then in the Payment Page They Choose Their Address and Iran Phone Number Choose How They Want to Pay for the Cake. Then Choose the Courier in This App Where We Use a 3rd Party Courier. After They Pay for the Cake. They Can Wait for the Cake to Be Delivered Without Coming to the Store. the Result of the First Task Is That Users Feel Registering and Logging in as If They Were Using Other E-Commerce Applications. Which Matches Their Behavior When Registering and Logging in to the Application. the Results of the Second Task

Summary Of Results Iran Phone Number

Iran Phone Number

When They Put Items into Their Cart. They Don’t Notice the Difference Between an Empty Cart Icon and a Filled Cart Icon. the Third Task. with Less Feedback Than Before. Is a Minor Issue but Causes Confusion. the User Doesn’t Notice That the Toggle Button Makes the Address the Main Address Because the Color Blends with the Background. for the Fourth Task. the Iran Phone Number User Has No Problem with the Process. but the Feedback They Gave Me Is: the Address Box Is Too Small to See Clearly and the Color of the Selected Card Is Too Light So There Is No Difference the Fifth Task Is the Clearest One Because All Iran Phone Number Users Have No Problem and They Find It Clear and Flawless. users Feel That the Homepage Is Too Tight.

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