Or do you see the charm and potential of a handy house? Photo Morocco Phone Number of a sheep with article about recruitment & selection. How do you find out if someone has a growth mindset? Use your conversation(s) with a candidate to ask as many open questions as possible, says De Roo. Keep your own great career out of the conversation as much as possible. There will be Morocco Phone Number plenty of time and opportunity for those stories later. Briefly tell us about the company, department and role, but focus on the person on the other side of the table.

Between Sources

Also, don’t make it more beautiful than it is. If you Morocco Phone Number say A in a procedure and it turns out to be B in practice, there is a good chance that the new colleague will leave in no time. Don’t be a Pinocchio, even when the market is overstretched! Thinking about how you package your message and which arguments you use can do no harm. A millennial probably finds Morocco Phone Number personal development important. Young people from Generation Z in general have a shorter tension and especially look for a lot of challenge in their work. Tailor your story accordingly.

A Typical Example

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Paper versus practice A resume or an assessment Morocco Phone Number can be an excellent basis for a job interview, but don’t let it be the guiding principle. Someone can tick all the boxes on paper, but still disappoint in practice. Or vice versa. New developments, such as selection with Artificial Intelligence , are also promising. But in the end, as a manager or entrepreneur, you Morocco Phone Number have the last vote. Asking open questions, asking further questions, and leaving your own Morocco Phone Number prejudices and assumptions behind, is the best way to get a good idea of ​​who you are dealing with and whether they are a good fit for your company. Really have a conversation with each other.

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