This question will certainly surprise some of you, the answer may seem obvious. Indeed, for most companies things are simple, and often an Cape- Verde Email List website will be supplemented by several platforms dedicated to each subsidiary. Let us have fun here to sow the seeds of doubt: what if another option existed?

The great classic, advantages and disadvantages
In our audit and digital strategy activities, we encountered many different configurations, some very formal and traditional, others more original . Thus, the most frequent organization is a pyramidal architecture, where a very “corporate” institutional site presents links to the various subsidiaries, all the websites responding, in the best case, to the same design codes. This organization of an implacable logic therefore allows companies to tell their story, present their philosophies, their human resources policies, their flagship products or even their locations. These platforms are then often showcase sites, online business cards, which are not very scalable and which exist by obligation or to reassure shareholders. If the mission of these platforms thus described corresponds to your expectations, this architecture is undoubtedly the one you have chosen or which will suit you best.

The product or range oriented website

They are more and more frequent. We sometimes come across ephemeral websites for the release of a new product, a recent film or video game. These ultra dynamic platforms respond to very specific codes, the emphasis is on design and interactivity, referencing and depth of content taking a back seat. The advantage of these tools is that they can be used to present information that would have nothing to do on an institutional site. However, we reserve them for consumer products that generate as much traffic as possible: the release of a new smartphone, a game console or a highly anticipated film …

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For BtoB products,a single-product website is difficult to promote, as the product itself does not immediately favor users, we generally advise against it. In addition, it will be necessary to invest in SEO and social media to publicize the platform, around a product that one day or another may evolve or be replaced. Caution is therefore in order. Keep in mind that, by default, users are not interested in you or your products, so it will be easier to talk about profit, values, philosophy to gain their favor.

The best solution, case by case

All businesses must then ask a few questions before embarking on web projects of any kind, because to run a platform on aspects of SEO, from content creation or social media, is an expensive business if it is misguided. It will therefore be necessary to analyze the offer of competitors , institutional players, foundations, to offer a unique original tool, which will become a reference or at least a success. It is also important not to have too different targets coexist on the same tool, at the risk of having to use an editorial line that is too general to satisfy all the parties and in the end no longer interest anyone …

To cite an example in the health sector, you will not be able to combine subjects on dermo-cosmetics and subjects on diabetes in the same platform, at the risk of scaring away your two targets. Imagining a web tool is therefore a bit like designing a new product, you have to think of everything! We hope that this article will make you want to rethink your digital communication and your digital platforms. If you ever need advice, ask us for a digital strategy service! We look forward to meeting new challenges with you.

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