Why your company needs a Community Manager What are the responsibilities of a Community Manager? 21.- A list Blogger It refers to the bloggers with the highest visibility in the different social networks. 22.- Flame Warriors Dangerous version of the troll. The goal of these subjects is to “look for trouble” from the first comment. They tend to cause crises as long as administrators are not prepared. 23.- Social Awareness It is a geo-sensitive and manageable social content sharing layer in real time. In it you can remain inadvertently, just as it happens in Gmail. 24.- Social Media Press Release It is a new way to create press releases by a company based on 2.0 technology: virality and collaboration.

Astroturfing It refers to the creation of comments generated by Internet users for the promotion of specific brands or topics. Widely used for public relations campaigns. 26. Chicklet Refers to the orange icon that identifies RSS feeds or aggregators. 27.- Dooced It is a term commonly used among community managers and they  Belize Phone Number  use this term when they lose their job because of something they posted on their personal blog. 28.- Thread It refers to the messages in threads created in response to a post or any other type of content. 29.- Ploguero He is a politician who has his own blog and posts through it. Splog It refers to those blogs created to create hyperlinks to improve the positioning of another blog or a web page.

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They are the famous ghost blogs 31. Stormblog When a post or topic has so many replicas in the world of blogs and it is picked up by traditional media. 32.- Check-in Indicate where you are physically 33. Trendspotter defines the person who is in charge of capturing trends. 34.- Twitter Job It is a new type of spam that is booming. It recruits people to create Twitter accounts and send spam to its users in exchange for money. 35.- Social Graph It is the visual representation of different interconnections that users, groups and organizations have with each other on their different social platforms. 36.- Techie (Geek) It refers to the person who has great interest in technology and new devices. 37. Social Traffic It is a continuous flow of information between users of different social media.

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Social CRM It is the process that monitors, captures and manages dialogues and relationships of customers and influencers through social platforms.  Therefore, Geotargeting It is the method by which certain content is according to the location of the visitor. 40.- ORM (Online Reputation Management) It refers to the management of online reputation. It is booming thanks to the appearance of social media marketing. Now that you know the terms most used by CMs, you can participate in a Community Manager Course. With this specialized seminar you will further deepen your knowledge, becoming a digital brand spokesperson and an expert social media managerFacebook is one of the main platforms in which all kinds of information is shared and over time.

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it has given its users the power to determine the quality of the service. Or product they offer and qualify the image of a brand. To better understand the purpose of this article.  It is necessary to establish the difference between.  The opinions and comments on your Facebook page and those of a publication. On the one hand, those from Facebook rate the experience that the customer had.  With your product or service on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. With 5 being the highest score. This rating is visible on Google search engines and also on our page. On the other hand, the comments of a publication are of a social nature and.  With the purpose of sharing feedback regarding content by the brand. These two types of content can be positive or negative and it depends. On certain factors to make the best decision.

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