ght, your team is made up of very competent people. And your competitors envy them. What are your employees? If the answer is “nothing” or “not much”, here are 3 (urgent!) Reasons to take action! Very often, a company realizes the importance of a collaborator only after having lost it. If you have an effective recruiting strategy, your business is full of the right things. But what are you doing concretely to retain them? Employee loyalty is a bit like customer loyalty. Naturally, you tend to prospect when the need arises rather than seeking to retain your customers.

Strategically, this is a mistake. The same goes for your employees. Here are 3 major reasons you incur if you do nothing to retain your employees: Turnover costs you dearly; Your intellectual capital is your greatest strength; Employee loyalty influences customer loyalty; Turnover is expensive. Directly… You know that directly because recruiting is expensive. Between the costs you incur to recruit the new employee and your investment in integrating and training them, the envelope fills up quickly. In addition, the labor market is very competitive. Above all, for what concerns us and our customers, in the areas of marketing and commerce. A marketer who understands the concepts of digital marketing enough to really generate.

Retaining these employees is essential

A salesperson who knows how to prospect in a modern way while respecting the new expectations and new behaviors of the buyer either. Recruiting Saudi Arabia Phone Number one of these profiles will undoubtedly require you to pay more for it than the employee you have just lost. And indirectly! Turnover induces other costs, indirect this time, that many companies do not take into account. For example, how much does the work not done between the moment an employee leaves you and the moment your new employee joins your company (and is operational!) Cost you? Besides that, turnover can have an impact on the atmosphere in your teams. I regularly see companies in which resignations follow after an employee has taken the initiative to leave.

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Either because it was an indispensable element, or because it simply proves to others that leaving is possible. Turnover also often impacts the workload. While waiting for the new recruit and very often for the new recruit to be operational, other employees find themselves having to manage the work not done. It wears out, it weighs and it costs! It is estimated that the overall cost of a recruit is equivalent to approximately 35% of the charged annual salary of the new recruit. What convinced you to act to retain your employees? Your intellectual capital is your greatest strength. You have trained your employees, you have enabled them to develop their skills and supported them to gain experience.

A return on investment is not running

They know your businesses, your customers, and your processes by heart. In the age of digitization, your intellectual capital is your best competitive advantage. Retaining your employees is, therefore, a major stake for your company. If your people leave you, you will lose a lot.  Rare is the sales representatives who know how to collaborate with marketing and who master techniques now essential such as lead nurturing or social selling. If you have these profiles internally, you must do everything to retain them.

Employee loyalty influences customer satisfaction. We know that employee satisfaction and loyalty have a direct influence on their productivity. The productivity of your employees directly induces the added value perceived by your customers and therefore their level of satisfaction. Of course, the more satisfied a customer, the more loyal they will be. The loyalty of your customers is a major stake for the growth of your company, the loyalty of your employees is therefore essential. In conclusion. When we know that more than 3 million employees in France say they are unhappy at work, we say to ourselves that there is much to do to retain employees. Beyond the purely human aspect.

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