Some advantages of Google Analytics Free tool: as already mentioned, you can count on Google Analytics at no cost. You only have to register on the platform, register the website you want to monitor, and insert the code provided by Analytics on your website; in order that you can carry out a follow-up that allows you to obtain more and better information, more efficiently. It allows you to monitor campaigns: you can monitor campaigns carried out externally both in Google Ads, and in others that are being carried out through email, web positioning or keywords. Secure and simple platform: Google’s privacy policies guarantee the security of the data handled through Google Analytics.

Also, if you explore each section of this tool, you will discover that it is intuitive and easy to use. READ MORE 7 advantages of advertising on social networks It has the capacity to work with different websites: this means that USA Phone Number regardless of the size of the site, it is supported by Google Analytics, with a great data handling capacity. Instant custom reporting and metric tracking: Depending on the goals you set in Google Analytics, much more detailed and useful reports can be generated for your business. In addition, you can obtain metrics in real time, a very valuable factor, because it allows you to review and improve some aspects of your strategy at the most appropriate time.

What Is Google Analytics?

According to the information obtained. What data can you get with Google Analytics The amount of information that you can receive through this platform is quite a lot and it is used much better if certain parameters are customized. However, here we mention some of the main data that you can obtain through this tool. Number of total and unique visitors. Number of new and old visits. Average page views. Origin of visits. Identification of visits that come from organic searches or ads in Google Ads. Search terms that originate a visit. Ranking of the most viewed pages. Bounce rate and abandonment. Conversions. As you can see, Google Analytics represents a universe of possibilities that will allow us to optimize.

USA Phone Number

The different aspects of a website and, consequently , improve and grow our business. If you want to take full advantage of this tool and learn about all its features, we invite you to participate in ourIf you already have your first campaign in Google Ads and you saw the types of tracking in this article and this one , today we will end this cycle of publications with conversion tracking. This tool will allow you to see what happens after a user clicked on one of your ads, for example, to subscribe to a newsletter or when they bought a product. By implementing it, you will be able to: See what percentage of clicks on your ad turn into a conversion. What are the best keywords that trigger your ad and which ones do not.

What Is Keyword Planner?

It tells you which ads or landing pages are optimal for your business. You can make a funnel or conversion funnel and in this way detect in.  Which part of the purchase or conversion stage.  You are losing your customers. To configure this tool, you must go to your Google Ads platform. Look for the “tools” tab , go to “measurements” and click “conversions”. There you will find these options.  So you can choose the one that best represents you. Website: This way you can see online sales, clicks on links on your site, the pages that users have viewed or subscriptions to your newsletter. Application conversions: Refers to the installation of your business application, direct purchases through the application and the actions that take place in it. Those of telephone calls.

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