Your chats are encrypted, they have a privacy service. You can change your account to another number without losing your existing data. Advantages at the brand level Have direct contact with your client. Messages arrive faster. You can provide support to your customers. Communication is a bit more informal, which gives the image that your company is innovative and has a fresh attitude. Of course, without leaving aside the professional. You can track the products or services you provide. Work groups can be created with company employees. You can send your services, products or event reminders, through broadcast messages. You can manage your company account from a PC.

Send documents and reports to the company chat. You can implement autoresponder chatbots. Disadvantages at the user level You can receive messages from anyone, whether you have them in your contact list or not. Sometimes the backup, which is used to recover the chats, does not work or takes a long time to recover the information. Calls and video calls use a lot of data, it is better to use these options with a Wi-Fi connection. Disadvantages at the brand level Some messages can be misunderstood, since there is Netherlands Phone Number no adequate feedback. It is still a closed platform, most users see it as a way to communicate with their friends and family, but not with companies that want to offer them a product. Your customers may talk to you all day, no matter what time it is.

It Allows You to Experiment and Try

If you implement this option for your company, you must establish a specific service schedule. How to use WhatsApp as a tool for your business WhatsApp is the tool that will help you expand and grow your business, as it will allow you to improve communication with your customers, obtaining efficient results. Thanks to it, your customers or consumers will have a different experience, where you will provide them with customer service and support, quickly and easily to understand. But yes, you have to make clear the time in which all queries or messages you receive on WhatsApp will be resolved. What you need to know before starting to use the application in your company: It is not a marketing tool. You can offer your products, but you cannot overwhelm your customers with photos or videos of what you offer.

Netherlands Phone Number

They can get to block you and you will lose a potential client. Do not send information or messages to users who did not request it. This service will help you keep track of the purchases or sales you make. You will be able to retain your customers by providing them with information on new releases. It will help you share information and receive feedback from your employees, through groups. The status function will allow you to share new offers or promotions from your company. It will be an effective economic means, so that you can communicate quickly, since you can do it with a Wi-Fi connection and without the need to have any data package. The answers are in real time and simultaneously. whatsapp business This version of the WhatsApp application is especially intended for businesses and small businesses.

You Will Have Absolute Control

By using WhatsApp Business they will be able to quickly communicate with their customers, answer their questions and show them the products and services. In this last point, the remarkable thing is that you can create a catalog to show what the business offers. In addition to creating a company profile with relevant information such as address, email and website if you have one. You can also generate message lists and send automatic responses. Countries where WhatsApp is banned WhatsApp is also no stranger to the banning of its service in some countries, as are different social networks. The main reason for blocking the application comes from the government or service operators from different countries. China In this country too much controversy was the use of WhatsApp. For which they went through several stages of prohibition of use.

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