For this reason, the hashtags used are usually short or made up only of acronyms. What is a hashtag for Instagram? hashtag on instagram Instagram is one of the social networks that has the most use and presence of hashtags. Here the hashtag also operates as a keyword used to designate a category to the publications that Instagram will then index or register. Similarly, the hashtag on Instagram is useful for users to search for or follow certain content according to topics of interest. For this reason, brands choose certain hashtags to spread their brand and take advantage of these recurring themes. By using a hashtag, you classify your posts within a specific group.

In this way, the public that is interested in that type of content will find it more easily. How is the hashtag used? how to use the hashtag Using hashtags in posts is useful for posts to be part of an existing trend on Instagram or to create Algeria Phone Number a new one. When you write a publication and you want to enter it in a category of hashtags, you must first place the # sign, followed by the word of your interest. You can even follow certain hashtags so that associated posts appear on your Instagram home screen, alongside other contact updates. As for brands and businesses, they can use hashtags in their feed posts or in Stories.

Various Segmentation Options

In the feed, you can add the hashtag in the same wording as the post or in the comments. While, in the Stories. You must create it and go to the stickers tab. At the top and choose the “hashtag” option and write the desired word. In fact, by entering the first letter or word, Instagram gives you a list of suggested hashtags, based on the number of uses. Of course, you can choose any of them or if you want you can generate your own brand or topic hashtag. How is a hashtag created? recommendations to create the hashtag Finally, in both cases, there are certain recommendations to take into account in order to use the hashtag efficiently on Instagram. It is worth mentioning that it is important that you know how positioned a hashtag is so that they can fulfill their objective.

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They can go anywhere in the post. Write keywords without spaces. They can be two or three words differentiated by capital letters. Make sure they are not too long. Do not write with punctuation. You can put numbers. The post must be public to appear in anyone’s hashtag search. You can use up to 30 hashtags in a Feed post and up to 10 hashtags in Stories. Do not abuse hashtags and only use them when they add value to the publication and are related to it. How to find hashtags on Instagram find hashtag on instagram To search for certain hashtags, you must go to the search engine of the Instagram platform. This is located at the bottom of the interface and is shaped like a magnifying glass.

Compare Campaigns With a/b Test

When entering you must go to the “search” box and then enter the # tab. There you can enter the word of your interest in the search engine and find all the publications associated with it. In this way, you can know the type of publications that are made and how good the results are. Functions and what is the hashtag for hashtag functions As we mentioned before, hashtags are a useful resource for a content marketing strategy. Therefore, we list some of the functions and what is the purpose of using the hashtag. Remember that it is important to establish the content of the hashtag based on its tone of communication, category and topic to be addressed.

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