so it shows it as the first option when putting a keyword in the search engine . In this way, it will be easier for a user to find you and thus become your follower and, later, a potential client. Also, it helps you increase engagement on Facebook . 2.- It gives you more credibility By having the verification check , the user will automatically know that it is an official site and that it has the support of Facebook, so they will know that all the information they find there is true and reliable. For example, it will be possible to trust when seeing information about what the company offers, in case it sells a service. In addition, it will be known that the main data is up to date and does exist.

Remember that there are tips for posting content on Facebook , and it helps you increase your credibility. You may be interested in the following articles: 10 tips for good video marketing Skills and knowledge that a Community Manager should have 10 Useful Tips for Selling on Facebook 3.- Because it is a verified page, you can Egypt Phone Number request the removal of duplicate pages If Facebook accepts your verification, it is because you have proven to be a legitimate site and that it shares reliable information that does not violate any of its restrictions . So, if it happens that a fanpage with the same name appears and that claims to be from your company, you can report it and have it removed , since Facebook is very strict with the rights of a site. There are many ways like this to manage your Facebook page.

Ideas to Increase It

Generate more curiosity when it appears as Facebook recommendations. When you put “Like” on a page, Facebook automatically shows several options of pages.  That are related so that, if they catch your attention, you can Like them. When the user sees that one of the fanpages that appear as a recommendation has the verification check, greater curiosity is created, since we relate it to a site that has quality information. Conclution Having a Facebook verification makes your page more relevant on this platform , and for users it will be a reliable site where they will be sure that they will find reliable and quality information. This will make them not question when they “Like” it and become a new fan. If you sign up for a Facebook Basics for Business Course.

Egypt Phone Number

you will learn about the different categories of a fanpage and then learn how to manage it professionally. You will know the types of publications to later develop creative content of quality, dynamic, viralizable and of interest to your fans.Many think that a Community Manager is the person who is connected all day on Facebook , Twitter, and that they do not have an important role in a company. However, these people are not clear about the concept of what a Community Manager is. For this reason, in this article we will clarify what a CM is, his beginnings since he became a professional and what his functions are. As well as other data that will help understand why this character is vital for companies today. So what is a Community Manager?

So What Is Facebook Engagement?

A Community Manager is a communications expert and digital.  Marketing specialist who appears as a spokesperson for the brand on social networks. CMs are administrators and managers of a company’s social media accounts.  And are in charge of creating online communities with their followers.  To later captivate them and turn them into brand ambassadors. What is a professional community manager? Likewise, this professional becomes a mediator between.  The brand and potential clients , since he generates content through a marketing plan. That is why his role fulfills a vital function for brands because.  He is in charge of managing, monitoring social networks. Generating strategies, analyzing metrics and statistics.

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