Derived from artificial intelligence, the chabot is a program that allows you to start a conversation with its users and offer services tailored to their Uganda Email List within an instant messaging system. The interlocutor sends a text or voice request on the interface. The bot processes the request and analyzes it and then responds to it consistently. In some cases, a human resumes the conversation in order to provide a more relevant response.

80% of companies plan to invest in a chatbot Since April 2016 more than 100,000 chatbots have been created on Messenger 3 billion monthly active users on messaging applications including 900 million on Facebook Messenger To create business opportunities and deliver the best customer experience while differentiating themselves from their competitors, companies need to understand individual behavior. They must therefore learn to interpret the data and integrate it into the heart of their strategy.

In What Context Should They Be Deployed?

Today many companies from different sectors integrate chatbots in their strategies to advise, assist or sell a product / service to their customers: Life style: finding good deals with Hello Jam, nutritional coach with Fitmeal, personal development with Joy…

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Fashion & Beauty: H&M and Sephora offer a whole new shopping experience thanks to their chatbot. Transport: that of the SNCF which provides information on train timetables and routes or that of Uber which allows you to order a taxi directly via the chabot

Why Does My Company Have An Interest In Setting Up A Chatbot?

Save time and efficiency: delegate simple requests to process in order to free up time for advisers to process more complex requests and bot chats are operational 24/7.

Competitive advantage: chatbots are not yet democratized everywhere, so this could be an opportunity to differentiate yourself from your competitors Internet of Me: hyper personalization of customer relations with a new approach that stands out from the competition What questions should I ask myself before starting?

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