Even being in the game, staying on Senegal Phone Number List of the state of the art is difficult. There is offer news every six months in the Internet. Any business manager over 45, with little time, not necessarily on the lookout for technology, is oblivious to the potential of what exists. We see it in all our missions, where sometimes even young people under 30, who stayed with what they knew during their studies, do not imagine that we can manage a lot of things with a simple office suite, moreover became a collaborative suite. Because we have an IT department to whom we give paradoxical injunctions: “be reliable, AND be agile” Reconcile industry, ie.

stable quality at low cost, with agility, ie. having the ability to respond quickly to environmental demands is very difficult, if not impossible. Why ? Because agility requires frequent, rapid changes, hence the risk of error, unreliability, the inability to optimize over time, and therefore high costs. Most of the CIOs that I have seen being dismissed have been criticized relentlessly, for years, for their lack of responsiveness and services to Businesses. But the day they were fired, it was because the mail server had crashed once again, once too often. So a CIO is focused on industrialization, quality, availability, security, confidentiality.

Experiment With Acceptable Loss To

Innovation disappears. New technologies making it possible to do 100 times better for 100 times cheaper are only looked at when they have already started to be widely adopted, or in times of crisis, when all the dikes give way, and where even the AP-HP, archetype of public entity where the dominant culture is hostile to GAFA, recruits volunteers with Google Forms . AP-HP is recruiting with Google “ Innovation comes from the fringe ”. The CIOs are not marginal, they are, for the most part tidy, serious people. Don’t ask them to try out the latest innovations in vogue at Station F. Because we want to do everything ourselves internally

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(Vade Retro, GAFAM!) In the 2000s (I feel old), we had our exchange server which managed emails, we had our datacenter, its architects, its developers, to yourself. The Cloud has shaken up all that, but some still insist on doing it themselves at the price of 3 FTEs (i.e. around 300 k € per year at the market price in France), which the market offers them at 5,000 € / year of SaaS license. “It is out of the question for me to call on GAFAMs, it is for the messaging of the Management (HRD, innovation, etc.). ” Do you know that

Lift The Invisible And Unspeakable Brakes

these actors have contracts which give them obligations, in particular that, against remuneration, not to be able to access the correspondence of their customers except judicial requisition? If necessary, it is even possible to add an end-to-end encryption overlay in the browser, at the price it is true of cumbersome management, since sender and recipient must share encryption-decryption software. Because we are in an inappropriate sense of security We started to broach the subject in the paragraph “Because you want to do everything yourself internally”, which often takes security as an excuse. Is data theft more likely by computer

intrusion or by littering the trash next to the Directorate’s printers? Or because, by stacking up the authentications and the requirement to change the passwords, all end up being “azertyuiop10” (10 at the end because it is October). Because we don’t know how to do it Ok, I run a small or medium-sized company, I believe in it, and since I don’t want to put a lot of resources into it, I am pragmatic and ready to listen. But who ? The digital transformation majors offer me projects sized for the CAC40, i.e. overpriced for me. My usual PC supplier smells of mothballs. Who can advise me and offer me a suitable solution? How to do it ?

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