Have you implemented Inbound Marketing actions but the results do not meet your expectations? They may even be non-existent? Your automatically come to you as you thought? Ok, now what? All is not lost. I imagine you want to stop everything? Stop the costs? I urge you to give yourself one last chance. But not just any old way! Inbound Marketing works (almost) for everyone. But to really generate growth, turnover, with inbound marketing, it is essential to respect its fundamentals. Did you do it? No doubt partially, like the majority of companies that I meet and who have tried to do inbound marketing on their own, without support.

But I’m not here to sell you support. I’m here to give you hope and get your Inbound Marketing strategy back on track. But before that, I suggest you review why the Inbound Marketing strategy is an opportunity for you. Inbound Marketing, the essential strategy to attract modern buyers. You just have to ask your sales representatives to validate the statistics that I am going to present to you. While 90% of decision-makers refuse to answer a sales prospecting call, 61% of them start thinking about buying on Google. The decision-maker no longer wants to speak to a sales representative before having fully understood his problem and made the tour of the solutions available to him.

Know about B2B lead generation stats

The modern buyer, with the Internet and Social Networks, is always more autonomous in his purchase thinking. It is for this reason that your sales representatives always have more difficulty obtaining appointments. It is also for this reason that the Singapore Phone Number meetings that your sales representatives make lead less and less to a sale. So how do you do it? The only solution is to attract the attention of the buyer during his reflection, this reflection that he leads alone. For this you must: Bring it added value; Make this added value visible on the Internet; By added value, I mean offering content – blog articles, video, podcast, infographics, white papers, etc. – which provides the buyer with relevant answers to the issues they encounter on a daily basis.

Singapore Phone Number
Singapore Phone Number

And to the questions, they ask themselves. throughout his purchase reflection. And what is this strategy? I give it to you in thousand: it is the Inbound Marketing strategy! So, wouldn’t you prefer to give yourself another chance? I’m sure it does, so let’s see how! So your inbound marketing strategy screwed up, but where exactly? This question should be the starting point for your thinking, long before you finally decide to turn the page to Inbound Marketing! Why is my Inbound Marketing strategy not working? And there, I’ll stop you right away: answering “ because inbound is not made for my business ” is not a rational answer. Maybe it’s true, but I sincerely doubt it.

This maybe is a bull shit

In any case, to establish this conclusion, it is essential to make a detailed report of the Inbound Marketing actions that you have carried out. To do this, I recommend that you provide a precise answer to the following 8 questions: Have you been patient enough with Inbound Marketing? When you read certain articles about the Inbound Marketing strategy, generally on sites that know nothing about it and have never done inbound in their life, you might think that in a few weeks, customers will come knocking at your doorstep to give you their voucher for agreement. Inbound Marketing is a great way to attract customers to you rather than chasing after them. On the other hand, it takes time and no less effort than a traditional business strategy.

How much will you ask me? I will answer you in a very transparent way: 12 months minimum. When did you start your Inbound Marketing strategy? A few weeks, a few months? This is clearly not enough to draw a meaningful conclusion about the effectiveness of inbound marketing for your business. Why is inbound marketing taking so long? You have to create content and rank it well on Google: you have to allow between 4 and 6 months here. From there, you start to attract qualified visitors and convert them into leads. The definition of a lead in the inbound marketing strategy. But now, a lead is not a contact who knocks on your door to give you his voucher for agreement.

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