You will find attached the link to our article in the JDN which discusses Lebanon Email List in a difficult economic context. Faced with the economic gloom, companies must adapt. It is in this context that our communication agency places its reflection with the interest of inbound marketing which not only improves the image of the company, but also generates short-term leads.

While the prediction of these attributes and traits for business purposes may seem intrusive or even scandalous, the study states that age, gender, level of job responsibilities, level of education, and even personality can be predicted. by the surfing habits of Internet users. Likewise, it has also been shown that the place occupied in a network of friends on Facebook can predict the user’s sexual orientation. This information is accessible by developers (of your browsers, your applications, your software, etc.), by governments, and by search engines.

And Finally The Fact That His Parents Separated Before He Turned 21 With 60% Reliability.

However, the drifts are not far off, and the article mentioned in this post looks back on a potential drift, imagine the prediction of pregnancy among consumers in order to send them adapted commercial offers (discount coupons for prenatal vitamins, loan to wear for infants, etc…). What would happen if these offers indicated to those around a woman that she was pregnant when she has not yet announced it?

Lebanon Email List

You will understand that new technologies can make us say more than we would like. How to interpret it? Adopt mistrust of the information you choose to display on your profile? What are the prospects for marketing and advertising professionals?

Let Your Personality Speak

First of all, it is essential for the CM to know the sector of activityin which he evolves so as to be able to interact with the right tone towards his community on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest … Nothing better than a passionate to address enthusiasts … It is in our opinion It is important to remember that two dominant aspects of community management.the Community manager manages one of the most important assets of the company: its base of prospects, customers and loyal customers. Will you entrust your image and all your customer base to a freshly hatched intern? Far from the image of intermittent tattooed show addicted to Facebook, the infographic presented offers two complementary approaches that describe the

You have respected all these rules and all you need is that little extra that will make all the difference. Have a personality, a tone, a state of mind in line with the behavior of your targets and which will distinguish you, will encourage your visitors to forge links with you. Present yourself as the partner that your prospects are looking for and with whom they want to work.

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