Keywords: You will also be able to reach your audience who have interacted with a certain keyword in a Tweet, which can show off their interest in a specific topic, turning them into potential customers. Geography: Twitter is a global social network, therefore, it is necessary to limit the country, region, or city to reach your intended audience. Important: It should be that segmentation by city is not. Since Twitter needs a significant universe to launch a campaign. That meets the brand’s objectives. Countries where Twitter is countries where it is Twitter.  Like other social networks, have by countries and governments.

As they point out that they are a threat to their citizens. Taking this measure has become a solution to avoid the demonstrations that are to a fairer world. These are the countries where Twitter has been temporarily and permanently.  Iran: Twitter and other social networks have been since 2009. However, the Kuwait Phone Number only person.  Who has an official account on this social network is Hassan Rouhani.  President of said government, while citizens of his own country. China: In this Asian country, all networks have since 2009. Cheng Jianping was to one year of labor in the fields in 2010.

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after writing an ironic comment on the Internet. Turkey: Twitter was in Turkey after photos were of an Istanbul prosecutor being with a gun by extremist supporters in 2015. Twitter later agreed to remove the photos from the social network. Egypt: In January 2011, Twitter was during the Egyptian Revolution. Local media the government for blocking it, and the country’s largest mobile company, Vodafone, said that was not their intention. North Korea: Social networks and the Internet are extremely prohibited in this country, since anyone who dares to violate these codes will to death. Cuba:

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Access to social networks such as Twitter is limited, since the rental of Internet cabins is $4 dollars, when the minimum wage is $40 dollars. Twitter founders twitter founders Jack Dorsey , Biz Stone , and Evan Williams are credited as the founders of Twitter . However, there is another character who claims to be one of the creators of this microblogging, and who points out that Twitter was born on his own computer. This is Noah Glass , who was kicked out of Odeo for unknown reasons shortly after creating the social network. These four young people, who were once good friends, were affected by the revenge of owning Twitter. In 2007 and 2008, and after Twitter became an independent company, William and Stone positioned themselves at the head of the company.

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but this network had flaws all the time, and the blue whale was better to everyone. For those years, Williams had suggested to the company that they expel Dorsey. When they did, the company became the target of all, as the criticism was increasing, and it was . The problem was that there were not enough employees to manage vital tasks and functions within the company. But in 2010, Jack Dorsey returns to raise the company. And focus it on a good, optimal and efficient service for the millions of users in the world. This is how, Dorsey becomes the CEO of Twitter , until today. Conclution Twitter has become one of the most used social networks in the world, generating that people use it to search for global trends.

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