If we were to ask each agency, SME and multinational director what their most cherished desire would be in terms of marketing, it’s a safe bet that their Bhutan Email Lists would be quite similar: “to become Top-of- Mind “,” to achieve a leadership position in my sector “,” to become essential in the mind of the consumer “, or even” to obtain more income and more customers “. It is quite legitimate, who would not dream of it?

Nonetheless, there are many paths to success and there are different ways you can take them. To reach their goal, some will need to generate more leads, while others will need to get more traffic to their website or more interaction on social media . Either way, no matter how successful and famous the business is, there is always room to optimize your strategy in one way or another, and very few people are fully satisfied with the performance of their people. marketing activities .

You need to generate more traffic or improve your visibility

Do you think that your website is not visited enough or that your company remains largely unknown compared to its main competitors? The probable causes: You don’t own a business blog or you’re not producing enough quality content ; You produce quality content but have not identified what the needs of your target audience are and you are not offering them appropriate content; You are not present enough on social networks or you cannot build a virtual community that will interact with you; You do not optimize your content for search engines and are therefore not well positioned in the results pages on Google.

Bhutan Email Lists

How to cure it : Determine the profile of your different typical customers (the buyer persona ) as well as their needs and try to understand how you can help them; Set up a business blog and mobilize a team of writers who will regularly produce quality content that will interest your readers; Locate what social networks your customers are on and start delivering your content and interacting with them; Optimize your content for search engines and build a network of quality backlinks around your different pages.

You need to generate more leads

Do you generate a large volume of traffic but cannot convert your visitors into leads and therefore maximize your conversion rate? The probable causes: Your Call-To-Actions are not numerous enough, not visible enough or are not optimized; You do not offer downloadable content or it is not attractive enough; Your landing pages are confused, overloaded or do not correspond to the offered offer; Your form intended to collect the contact details of your leads is missing or has too many fields to fill out.
How to cure it :

Take care of the text , color and design of your Call-To-Action and arrange them in a relevant way on your site and your blog articles; roduce relevant downloadable content that responds to the issues of your buyer personas; Optimize your landing pages so that they are clear and precise ; Avoid excessively long forms and only select fields that are necessary so that you can stay in touch with your leads. You need to understand and optimize your ROI Do you have the impression that you cannot correctly measure the effectiveness of your digital strategy or do you consider your results unsatisfactory?

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