In addition, the video makes it easy to tell a story that, if it is well thought out for its Persona, holds the attention of the Internet user and even activates the other half of the brain. Well, for these points, as I am far from being a confirmed biologist, I trust the study cited above. If there are any errors, I trust the Bogdanov brothers to correct them in the comments. In conclusion. Video is now essential content for communicating well on the Internet and social networks. We are short on time and we only devote our attention to creative and dynamic content. Video allows us to quickly understand a subject and is easily accessible on the move from our smartphone.

If 87% of companies invest a minimum in video marketing, there is a good reason. A financial reason, of course! And for proof: 9 out of 10 marketers say they have already won at least 1 customer with the video; 3 out of 4 buyers have already been influenced by the video; Need a little more to be convinced? The biological reasons to integrate video into your Marketing. The eye contains the vast majority of sensory receptors: 7/10. Half of the brain is dedicated to the visual activity. It takes us only 10 seconds to understand a video scene. Video content performs very well because we love images (much sexier than text) and we are drawn to movement.

Video is essential in marketing

The video (short!) Is the preferred format for discovering a new product. Video is the content preferred by the buyer in his thinking. How after seeing this statistic will you be able to hide the video of your marketing strategy? Video is by far the USA Phone Number preferred content for discovering a new product. 68% of Internet users opt for video against only 15% for blog articles and 3% for a commercial contact! Do you want to help your salespeople in their prospecting? You have to get down to video. 87% of companies use video in their marketing strategy. I used to say that you shouldn’t do something because other people are doing it. But there, anyway! Companies that use video in their marketing strategy.

USA Phone Number
USA Phone Number

Here are some statistics and facts that will change your mind. Video will represent 82% of internet traffic by 2022. You do not believe me? Here is the source of this stat and the next points. Share of video in internet traffic in 2022. 82% is huge, but ask yourself the question as an Internet user: What format of content do you view most often? The buyer, in B2C as in B2B, wishes to carry out their purchasing thinking on their own and at their own pace. Problem? Like all of us, the decision-maker is in a hurry and does not have all day ahead of him. Video content is, therefore, a good option for studying a topic broadly or for getting a quick answer to a question.

Do you doubt it?

Authenticity will revolutionize Marketing. According to the time spent by the decision-maker. And especially since it is generally carried out by several, it can be interesting to know the content formats that are most often shared internally. The most shared content of the marketing funnel/ Blog posts are the most shared content internally (74%) and are therefore essential for your Funnel Marketing. Then, almost tied, there are 4 popular content formats: To set up an effective marketing strategy, your Funnel must be regularly supplied with high added value content. In addition to the right format, it is essential to offer your target content that answers the questions they ask themselves throughout the purchase journey.

Do you have a marketing strategy, do you communicate on the Internet and social networks, but you do not offer video? Your strategy is outdated. To generate  is as essential as a shampoo for a girl. Here are 5 reasons to incorporate video into your marketing strategy. If you are reading this article, it is because you have probably understood the reference to Nabila’s famous punchline. I grant you, this hook is a bit outdated but maybe not as much as your Marketing strategy. Because yes, doing Digital Marketing without exploiting the video content format is really has-been and above all a brake on your development.

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