A concrete example : ROA: My expectations are the search for traffic and by extension visibility. ROE: My return on my goals. Camille Jourdain tips for social media communication. Camille Jourdain. Be transparent in your communication with influencers. Transparency must occupy a very important place insofar as consumers are looking for authenticity, especially on social networks. It is important to choose authentic influencers, to set up authentic campaigns, with respect for communities and advertising ethics. An interesting figure is taken from a Reech study. 33% of influencers do not yet know the recommendations of ARPP. The Professional Regulatory Authority for Advertising.

We talk a lot about transparency because it is at the heart of partnerships with influencers. But the latter has an interest in knowing and following the recommendations of the referent body in the matter. One of the rules to be observed is the following. Commercial collaborations must be brought to the attention of the public in an explicit and instantaneous manner. Influence Marketing consists of working with influencers. Humans, but it is also a data business. Beyond the eternal “number of followers”. There are dozens of data to study on the influencer and his audience. This allows us to associate with those who will really impact the target: rate of fakes. Socio-demographic profile of the audience, audience affinities, follower growth curve, engagement rate, etc.

Favor tweets with a short structure

Data, in all its forms, and therefore the technology to obtain it will become more and more essential in the success of influencer campaigns on social networks. Indeed, a good data analysis makes it possible to choose your influencing partners well, and therefore to Afghanistan Phone Number be able to trust them and reduce the framing, often destroying value. Céline’s tips for communicating well on social networks. Céline Beckrich (#DisCeline). Using social networks to promote an event and meet IRL (In real life = in real life) their community is the choice that some brands make. They make it possible to increase its visibility, develop its notoriety and, we will not hide it, increase the number of participants.

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Before during, or after, social networks are a lever of the influence of your event, to do without this channel would be a strategic error, however, this cannot be improvised. Here are two tips: Tweet Live ok, but don’t neglect the upstream work. Sharing an event on Twitter gives it considerable visibility. To do this, the hashtag is essential. What, you don’t have your hashtag, well you missed your vent! Do not laugh, I still see events that forget this detail, which is not one. Your hashtag must be created upstream, communicated, and used from the launch of the event. To ensure its use by participants, put it everywhere, post it, remind it regularly.

Wording on a Facebook Business Page

Even on the day of the event, and remember to evaluate its performance. Instagram, IRL, IVL why choose? There you have it, your community is there, you have to make them want to share this moment on the networks. On Instagram, I’m not telling you, the visual takes precedence. At events, we can’t resist the urge to take photos, but you will have noticed that some places are more fun to photograph than others. Even on a small scale, you can create an environment conducive to sharing, play your community and make your event unforgettable, in short, make it “Instagramable. To facilitate connection with your Instagram account, you must ensure that you display your Nametag and your hashtag.

more disCéline: do not neglect the T & Cs, (content generated by users). Sharing user-generated content brings authenticity to your communication, enhances and builds loyalty in your community. Many of us offer content on the networks, what will make the difference in your communication is your approach, your tone, your personality, it is what will allow you to stand out, it is up to you to find your style. Be yourself the others are already taking Anthony Richard’s social media tips. Anthony Richard. Tip 10: “Use Twitter Cards to Generate Leads (and Build Engagement). We don’t think of it spontaneously, but Twitter cards are very efficient, especially in order to increase a community.

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