From a SEO El Salvador Phone Number List Google Analytics and other SEO tools such as SEMRush are going to be the main resources for measuring results. Here are the most important KPIs for SEO: Keyword positions Time spent on the page Organic traffic Organic conversions Taking these metrics into account in Google Analytics will let merchants know if they are targeting the right keywords, if consumers have a good user experience, and if visitors are converting accordingly. By measuring and tracking these KPIS, PPC and SEO teams can work together to improve the performance and profitability of the e-commerce site.

As these two tactics are intrinsically linked, it is imperative that merchants learn how to circulate information between their SEO and PPC teams, because this is the real secret to beating the competition in the SERPs!Sensor from . Data: French data from SEM Rush. Target country: France. Supports: desktop and mobile combined. Breakdown by site category. SERP volatility studied over a period of 8 days preceding the announcement of the Core Update. SERP volatility studied over the 3 days following the announcement of the Core Update by Google. Comparison between the average volatility of the 8 days before update compared to the 3 days after update. Analysis, by site category, of the impact of the update on the volatility of SERPs in Results The first observation that can be drawn is that this update has affected all categories of sites positioned in Google France.

Focus On Google News And “featured” Articles

404s without a custom error page Error pages create a bad experience for the user , but you can alleviate a user’s frustration and recover potentially lost traffic by creating a custom 404 page. An effective personalized 404 page will encourage users to explore your site further and help them find what they are looking for. At a minimum, an error page should contain links to other resources on your site, a brand image, a clearly stated error message, and an apology for the error. page-404-marvel Page 404 of the Marvel website An optimized error page should include: A simplified version of the navigation to help users navigate the site.


A site search box to encourage users to continue their visit to the site or to discover new content that they would not have initially sought. Depending on the site or the situation, it may be a good idea to include contact details such as a phone number, email, social network, or chatbot. Old or obsolete pages Sometimes pages are old or become obsolete and are deleted from the site by the teams in charge of IT, marketing or merchandising. This is normal and is part of the website lifecycle. Dealing with 404 errors is a balancing act. On the one hand, too many 404 errors can be a sign of a quality problem with your site.

What Is Google’s Web Vitals Program?

On the other hand, it is impractical and difficult to try to process every occurrence of 404 page. If the 404 page has obtained quality backlinks or receives a high volume of traffic, the page should be redirected to the page that is most relevant or serves the user’s intention the best . If the page is not receiving any traffic or links, it is a good idea to leave it in 404. However, whether you decide to use a 301 redirect or leave the page in 404, make sure those URLs are removed. of the XML Sitemap . How do you find your outdated links?

First, take a look at your website’s Analytics to see which 404 pages are receiving traffic from referring sites. In Google Analytics, you can do this by applying a filter for page titles that contain “page not found” (or any other text used in your error page title tag ). Use a backlink analysis tool like Ahrefs or Majestic to find which 404 pages are receiving backlinks. Identifying and redirecting those broken links can help your site regain the value of the lost link. This process will allow you to resurrect lost backlinks .

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