Bing has Mexico Phone Number List its Webmaster guidelines explaining how Microsoft’s search engine decides the ranking of web pages in its results. If you don’t want to go further in this article, be aware that Google’s competitor indicates that pages in their organic results are displayed based on relevance, quality and credibility, user engagement, freshness of content, user location and page load time.This information also specifies that the search results are algorithmic and are not done by hand. Here is an excerpt from what is stated: “Bing search results are generated using an algorithm to match the search query that a user enters in the search engine with the contents of our index.”

Bing is continually improving its algorithms to provide the most comprehensive, relevant, and useful list of search results. So far, it’s not fundamentally different from how Google works to rank its SEO results .Before listing its ranking factors, Bing explained that page ranking is a complex process and it uses many criteria to provide search results that are relevant to the user. It is written in the guidelines that Bing’s complex ranking systems use many criteria to provide search results, and that the relative importance of each of the parameters described below may vary from search to search and can change over time.

Quality and credibility

Bing clarified, however, that the ranking factors below are listed in general order of importance.Bing indicates in its guidelines that relevance is determined by the degree to which the content of the web page matches the user’s intention behind the request made. This includes terms that correspond directly to the page as well as terms used in inbound link anchors (backlinks) to the page. Bing also considers semantic equivalents, including synonyms or abbreviations, which may not be exact matches of query terms but are understood to have the same meaning.

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Bing indicates in this section that it can use the credibility of the author or the reputation of a site . Bing specifically says that it assesses the quality and credibility of a website through factors such as the reputation of the author or the site. To support this concept of credibility, Bing explains that an article that includes many references and sources will rank higher than an article that does not. It is therefore advisable to use outgoing links to connect your content to the cited sources. In contrast, Bing says it can demote sites that slurp, write offensive statements, or use derogatory language. It also checks if the content is complete and if the authorship is transparent.

The freshness of the content

Note that, to validate that its SERPs display good quality results, Bing uses Quality Raters , as Google does to verify that well-ranked web pages do indeed respect the EAT factors .User engagement .While for years Google has said it does not take into account user engagement factors, such as number of clicks, time spent on site etc … Bing says it does.The Mountain View firm’s competitor says it takes into account how users interact with search results.Bing explains that to determine user engagement, it asks questions like:
Did they leave the web page and quickly return to Bing? The pogosticking is taken into consideration .

Has the user adjusted or reformulated their request?Besides, it is interesting that Bing Webmaster tools provides analysis and insights into how users interact with your web pages. Bing may use this information to rank the pages.Bing says it prefers content that is fresher and has up-to-date information. However, it depends on the content and the industry.It is explained that fresh content is synonymous with regularly updated information, so as not to be out of date years later.The location of the searcher can influence the ranking of the content. Bing states that the organic results displayed take into account the user’s location (country and city).

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