Markentive is a Communication and Inbound Marketing agency based in Paris which can support you towards new horizons and help you Panama Email List your online and offline customer relationship. It is with pleasure that we share with you this first article of our Blog dedicated to modern practices in terms of communication such as Inbound Marketing or the use of digital support.

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To Succeed On The Internet, Invest In The Long Term

If most companies have budgeted for the creation of a website, many are those who completely abandon their platform patiently waiting for its success. This is the main subject of this article, any successful communication on the internet will have to take into account a recurring budget to stimulate interaction on social networks or boost the traffic of their platform. Again, anything is possible, but if you opt to carry out these activities in-house, imagine that they will occupy one of your employees a third of their working time if they are competent, and that is a big minimum.

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With the help of a web marketing agency, and to bring a platform to life in one language by including SEO, community management, press or content marketing activities, it is conceivable to plan a monthly budget of 3000 to 6000 euros. If you want to run large consumer collaborative platforms as we do for some of our customers in the pharmaceutical world, you will then need to plan for an annual budget of 100,000 euros or more.

A Digital Marketing Budget That Matches Your Ambitions

In the end, your digital presence budget will be very variable and will depend on your sector of activity, the size of your company and your means. Just remember that you will not necessarily spend more money than when using traditional methods and that you will have to plan an initial budget but also a support budget. It is the way you keep your websites alive that will determine your success on the internet. Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can help you at any stage of your project.

Performance and finishes: Does your website load quickly? Are your legal notices, links to social networks or page 404 optimized? Does your site really look like you? Does the content on your site reflect your activity at first glance to someone who might not know you? This should already make you aware of what can differentiate a website from another in the quality of its realization. But then v ers who to turn to this set up?

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