In the merciless battle between bloggers and content marketing companies daily , there is one technique that is the object of much covetousness: blog Cambodia Email List . And for good reason: added to a strong presence on social media , the comment post offers those who know how to use it many advantages:

Position yourself as a leader / expert in a certain field; Attract traffic to your own website; Improve your SEO thanks to link building; Build a real network of knowledge. This is why it is often recommended, in addition to daily content writing efforts, to take a little time each week to visit and comment on blog articles that are relevant and related to your industry … Without falling into excess and engage in a real “backlink hunt”!

Writing good comments is quite an art!

Whether it’s to optimize your visibility and credibility or not to displease Google, here are some rules to follow to write good blog comments: Be among the first Especially if your goal is to grab the attention of an influential blogger, being one of the first (if not the first) to comment on a post is a great way to start a discussion. and achieve greater visibility. And this is especially true for very popular blogs: thelater you comment, the less likely you are to be noticed by other Internet users.

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Add value to the discussion We have all read a comment that looks like this: “Thank you for your article, very interesting!”. Although this may flatter the ego of the recipient, it must be admitted that this kind of comment does not add anything very constructive to the article or the discussion. Worse, if it is accompanied by a hypertext link leading to an external site, one can then downright doubt the sincerity of the compliment thus formulated. Prefer sincere and original comments, bringing a new point of view to the discussion. Share your experience, ask questions, disagree,…The goal is to be constructive and to generate interaction around you.

All comments are not equal

Don’t Take It All In You Don’t make the mistake of posting a comment for the sole purpose of promoting your site / products / services and linking to your bio and your Facebook and Twitter accounts. It’s irritating and rather selfish. Okay, a little bit of self-promotion never hurt anyone, it’s even fair game. It is also perfectly tolerated if it gives meaning to the current discussion. For example, if you’ve written an article that complements the author’s point of view, don’t be afraid to share it! If your comment is relevant and brings real added value to the discussion, then it will carry much more weight than a link to one of your personal articles.

Be yourself Remember that the comment post is a powerful lever forpromoting your personal branding. Try to convey your values ​​or those of your business through your interactions and other internet users will have a better idea of ​​who you are, what you do and why you deserve to receive the attention you ask for.
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