The world is changing and at some point we have to choose the winning side. We decided to return our jacket, we have long promoted open Romania Email List which represents a sustainable model of management of the commons, a philosophy of sharing knowledge … We also wanted to defend digital sovereignty , fight against GAFAM who violate our privacy … We believed in the reek of sovereignty and the reindustrialization of our dear country.

The French state will make the sovereign Microsoft cloud for all services. For hospitals, the Health Data Hub calls on a foreign company, like Microsoft again to host medical data (the most sensitive data)! What is even better is the cloud act, a continuation of the patriot act which gives a little full powers to our friends the Yankees allowing the police or American intelligence agencies to obtain telecom operators and suppliers cloud computing services information stored on their servers … Whether this data is located in the United States or abroad.

Definition And Challenges Of Digital Sovereignty

They reign in the digital space, decide to remove content, sell personal data … Since the 2000s, the power of GAFAM competes with that of States and affects the freedom of self-determination of individuals, bringing out the notion of digital sovereignty.

Romania Email List

The Cloud Act, an American security text that worries
The Cloud Act, the new security law of the United States, has something to worry about the authorities, businesses and citizens of the European Union. What does this text consist of and why is it to be feared?

Blue: Renewal Or Mirage Of Sovereign Cloud 2.0

The surprise joint announcement by Capgemini and Orange to create the Blue joint venture to serve as the head of Microsoft’s cloud services responding to data sovereignty issues raises questions. The ambitions are however real.

Health Data Hub: 6 questions on the health data platform and its controversy
The Health Data Hub is a new French platform designed to cross existing health databases for medical research purposes. Launched last year, the project is gaining momentum, but the way it was conceived is controversial.

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