At the request of some of our clients, I am taking advantage of this article to give you feedback on Inbound Marketing. Our experience! Markentive is a Guatemala Email List agency that provides services since 2012 and has several active accounts today in the areas of health, of fashion, of the food and service to businesses. As a young agency, the challenges of implementing inbound Marketing in our communication plan have been multiple and no doubt some of you will recognize yourself in these challenges:

Find our first customers!
Don’t be the shoemaker with bad shoes and lead by example. Make us stand out in a saturated sector and in an unfavorable economic context. And yes, there is no shortage of agencies in Paris! Make known our business expertise and our sectoral knowledge. Build a lasting reference image by creating a brand and in this case starting from scratch!

Often, communication is an expensive process and while the necessary skills are available internally, they remain extremely time consuming without directly participating in the company’s commercial effort. The advantage of inbound marketing is that it is a version of communication that directly participates in lead generation and customer acquisition. A tailor-made solution for companies who want to quickly find new customers and gain credibility and image. We make every effort to invest around 8 days of human work per month on our own communication.

What We Have In Place For Markentive

We tried to build a functional and attractive showcase website . (The Drupal CMS was chosen for its evolutionary aspect allowing the creation of customer spaces …) We are interested in the problems of referencing in search engines like Google because if we have little means to meet clients, the best way to meet them is still to help them come to us! We offer a regularly updated blog to improve the SEO of our website and add value to our speech. We have invested in social networks like twitter and Linkedin to relay our messages and interact with our contacts.

Guatemala Email List

We write in the digital press from time to time: Les Echos, the JDN … We have made a few presentations that can be downloaded free of charge by visitors interested in our approach. These presentations involve filling out a questionnaire: we have thus retrieved the contact details of contacts who are interested in our services and who are facing communication problems, in fact prospects ! At the same time, we were present as visitors to conferences, produced a bi-monthly newsletter, reactivated our old contacts to present our philosophy …

The Report, 2 Months After The Launch Of Our Inbound Marketing Process:

We are on the first page of Google for keywords that interest us and still improving. The site has been visited by 4,000 unique visitors since its launch. Our resources have been downloaded 180 times and mainly by contacts interested in our approach in the short, medium or long term. We have won several clients thanks to this approach and have many proposals in progress. We naturally received around 50 CVs from motivated trainees and rather qualified applicants directly related to our sector of activity.

We have been approached by partners to set up new collaborations without solicitation on our part. he effort we put into our communication remains capitalized. Our blog articles, the press, our white papers endure and strengthen our image. So we spend most of our time being productive and creating value. We have gained more than 1000 active followers on Twitter who solicit us and repost our messages The prospects who come to us are almost already convinced and the negotiation time is reduced to its maximum , which saves us a lot of time in discussions!

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