The rise in gasoline prices, Marshall Islands Email List by the government on November 15, has led thousands of Iranians to the streets. For three days, a protest of rare magnitude rocked dozens of cities in the country and the repression that followed left more than 300 dead, according to Amnesty International . The proximity law is not the only reason why Western countries have heard little about it. Besides reminding the world that the regime is ready for the worst atrocities to stay in power, these events have revealed the degree of control Iranian power has over the local Internet. So the Internet, a contraction of the interconnected network, is not

the same for everyone? Internet censorship, in dictatorships … but not only China built by design , in the 1990s, a national Internet network, which it controls in various ways, preventing its citizens from accessing thousands of sites , especially Western ones. Sensitive subjects such as the Tian’anmen massacre, the Dalai Lama or the protests in Hong Kong are inaccessible on the Chinese Web. On a lighter note, the regime also sometimes blocks certain words or names: a few years ago, “Winnie the Pooh” was banned from the Chinese Web , the character being used to portray Xi Jinping on social networks. China undoubtedly represents what it does best in a combination of “censorship level x number of citizens

What Makes The Cut In Iran Special

connected” and the Chinese regime would be quite able to operate the same blocking operations as those which took place in Iran. It has reportedly already carried out tests in certain regions. In North Korea, it is likely that a significant portion of the population is not even aware of the existence of the Internet . For the few “happy few” who have access to it, it would be an Internet of a few thousand sites controlled by the government (communications, insurance, emails). Local Internet users are tightly controlled and those who own a computer must have previously declared it to the local police station (or equivalent).


Less systematically, many other countries practice partial control of the net, especially social networks, for example: Russia has passed several laws restricting freedom on the Internet and is reportedly working on the technical transformation of its network, in order to better control it and fight against American influence and espionage (official explanations) Turkey regularly cuts off access to social networks , sometimes without the approval of judges. Vietnam blocks any incoming information that may harm the government (Ah yes, it’s a dictatorship . Coherent.) What makes the cut in Iran special? The Iranian network has the particularity of being linked to the global Internet by only three entry points , controlled by the three operators of the country,

Is This Type Of Censorship Possible In France

at the orders of the regime. The latter may therefore decide to brutally cut ties between Iran and the rest of the world. Iranians will not have access to the global web and the outside world will have no visibility of what is happening in Iran. As for the Iranian web, it is sufficiently under control by the regime to prevent citizens from organizing to demonstrate or to allow only the websites of official media outlets to be filtered. As often in dictatorships, the external threat is brandished to explain repression like censorship. Unlike China, this mode of operation is the fruit of long-term work by the regime , which has transformed its Internet network

into a “national” network and to retain control over it.whom he is learning. English for several months. Today, we are focusing our development on the European market with a focus on the French-speaking countries of France, Switzerland and Belgium. What is VivaLing’s record to date? Extremely positive. We have developed a great brand. We have clients and coaches in over 40 countries. We are proud to have created a unique spirit and atmosphere, like in a real language academy, except that we are online. This has enabled us to retain a large number of coaches (which is rare in our businesses) and to support students

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