Position: Digital Creative. He is responsible for part of the graphic production and the creative ecosystem.
We could look Catalan Email List a DA, a creative director, a creative builder thinking…We are looking for a guy or a girl with the creative vein and able to work on different types of project without necessarily having the corresponding title.

If you don’t have a specific skill that’s great, we have a galaxy of experts who love working with us.
Field & Professions: Conception – Creation – Production. Webdesign, UX education, Multimedia designer,

Internet : I Love You, Either Me

A CSA study carried out for Orange in February 2014 on the topic “The French & the protection of personal data” reveals that 81% of French people are very concerned about the protection of their personal data. These fears that crystallize on the risks of banking data hacking and identity theft.

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The study affirms that the French are largely expressing their concerns about all the risks incurred on the internet: Nearly nine out of ten interviewees consider the risks of hacking personal information and documents (90% “Concern”) or bank data (88%, of which 52% “Very worrying”) to be worrying.
The people questioned express more specifically concerns about the protection of children against risks on the Internet (81%).

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Among all these subjects, it is the hacking of bank data (bank card number, RIB, etc.) which is perceived as the most serious: nearly one in two French people consider it to be the most important risk. (47%). ” Our lives are copied into databases, we know it, but the internet is so anchored in our habits that it has become difficult for us to no longer:

These actions make it possible to draw up very precise user profiles. France also implemented in July 2015 the Intelligence Law which defines a framework within which the State security services are authorized to use intelligence gathering techniques including the capture of computer data with access to networks. telecommunications operators to identify individuals presenting “a terrorist threat.” ” A law acclaimed by 69% of French people according to the Parisian study of April 2015.

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