It is the first online language Mali Email List for the whole family. We offer conversation, business and exam preparation courses in English, Spanish, French, German and Mandarin for adults and children from the age of 3. VivaLing is a multicultural academy (the team has more than 15 nationalities!) Managed mainly by women, including its 3 associates: Ludivine Hamy 🇫🇷 Managing Director International Abbie Adeyeri 🇺🇸 Educational Director Li Peng 🇨🇳 Managing Director Asia What is the problem that VivaLing is trying to solve? VivaLing was born from a simple observation: in 2015 there was no digital tool allowing children to learn

foreign languages ​​in an interactive and fun way with real mother tongue teachers. VivaLing was thus originally created to allow children from all over the world to learn languages ​​with a native and qualified teacher thanks to an interactive and 100% personalized pedagogy, without leaving their home. Interactivity and personalization are key factors for effective learning. We are not saying it, but it is what all the studies in neuroscience show. It is not possible to learn a language by watching only videos or repeating pre-recorded texts. Learning can only take place in a communication situation, with a real exchange. Motivation is also a

How Do You Select Your Teachers

decisive factor. If you are told about subjects that do not interest you, you will be less inclined to progress. That’s why at VivaLing, we take the time to ask each of our students what their interests and goals are, and we shape our lessons around these criteria. If a child loves dinosaurs, the coach will talk to them about dinosaurs in English. Thus, language will become a tool and not an end in itself. The child will be able to overcome his fears and launch into a language that is not his own in order to be able to talk about his passion. The same goes for adults. After immersion, our pedagogy is the most effective way to learn a


language. How did you start the project? VivaLing was created by an engineer and French expatriate in Singapore. I joined the academy a few months after its creation. Living in Singapore myself at the time, I registered my daughters with VivaLing to learn Chinese. I found the concept so brilliant that I decided to quit my job in a French multinational to join this entrepreneurial adventure. VivaLing thus began with the French expatriate community in Singapore, which still remains a community very loyal to our academy today. Our first customers took us in their suitcases and allowed VivaLing to spread to the four corners of the world. At

the same time, since my return to Switzerland, we have started a development phase centered on Europe. Today, we support both students who want to start a language as well as almost bilingual children who return from expatriation and wish to maintain a very high linguistic level, adults who want to come to terms with a language they have (badly) learned at school or by adults who wish to pass certifications or progress in language for professional needs. Our client base is very large. How does a typical course work on VivaLing? Our courses follow our ViLLA (VivaLing Language Learning Approach) methodology. A methodology based on the latest technological, linguistic, educational and cognitive advances. ViLLA

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