Markentive wishes you a Happy Valentine’s Day. We take this opportunity to address the subject of the romantic relationship which has Oman Email List well with new technologies, in particular the use of dating sites and social networks.

We remember, of course, Meetic, a French-speaking pioneer of dating sites, but also Badoo, which positioned itself in front of Facebook as a platform where you can easily get in touch with people you know. do not know in advance. If using this type of service a few years back could be perceived as a weakness, the users of Meetic becoming left behind in “real life”, today the phenomenon is common, so much so that it is estimated that between a third and a quarter of couples are formed on the internet!

But I’ll Leave It Up To You To Comment On This Post …

In recent years and in view of this vein, the offer has been seriously supplemented by sites for unfaithful dating (Gleeden), meetings with executives (Attractive world), meetings according to the female gender (Adopteunmec), meetings between people from Muslim faiths, meeting Russian women (yes, yes!)… So here we are faced with an open war between these sites which are constantly looking for new ways to seduce us. Faced with the great classics such as free trial offers, the use of paid referencing (Adwords), free services for women, banner ads … there are a few marketing actions that I found to be sympathetic and that I would like to share with you.

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1. Gleeden: Posting in the Paris metro in four by three. “It happens to everyone to be wrong”. Beyond the catchy pun, this campaign is a good example of the need to mix promotional materials. At Markentive, we make sure to promote digital media through classic methods such as Print for example!

To Your Keyboards (And Your Credit Cards) …

On television, Pierre has a drink with his friend Rémi, and finally goes to meet Céline, whom he does not yet know. Remember, registering on Tiilt is not a shame, it happens to good people too! 3. Meetic: I heard about physical events to promote registrations on the site and enhance the service of subscribers. Once again, the idea is to put a bit of reality in the digital world to conquer those who work “old-fashioned”.

Faced with sites where women are harassed by men, here is an alternative. Marketing is offbeat and the object man has found his place in it. The site is presented as an online store where you fill your shopping cart, for those who are used to consuming via the internet, now is the time to meet … There would be plenty of other things to say, but I’ll leave it up to you to comment on this post … If you’re still alone tonight, maybe it’s not too late? To your keyboards (and your credit cards) …

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