Then it may be advisable to spend more budget on your Colombia Phone Number campaigns with product prices below the benchmark. By increasing your budgets, you get more out of it. 4. Automated Bidding Strategies In the early days of Google Shopping, we always started our Colombia Phone Number campaigns with manual bidding until we reached 30 conversions per month. This way we prevented ourselves from running too much risk and spending a lot of money unnecessarily. But gradually Colombia Phone Number we noticed that Google’s algorithms worked so well that we could make the switch to a Smart Shopping campaign much earlier.

On A Good Information

Now we do that after two days. And then we use our Colombia Phone Number own road to success. We determine the desired ROAS with the customer. We collect as many clicks and data as possible by being under the ROAS. Then we work towards the ROAS. Either by Colombia Phone Number increasing the ROAS every 14 days, or increasing the budget by 10% every 14 days. We check whether we have achieved the desired ROAS in the past 14 days. If yes, then we increase. If not, we will continue to run on current ROAS. And we look at which of the 3 pillars we can achieve profit in order to grow: CPC, conversion rate or average order value.

Data Architecture

Colombia Phone Number

Do we achieve the desired ROAS? Then we agree Colombia Phone Number with our customer whether it is the wish to achieve a higher ROAS with the same traffic. The other option is to keep the ROAS on and bring in more traffic. But that in turn has an effect on the Colombia Phone Number average price per click that you pay for that visitor. Whatever you do in terms of bidding strategies, your focus is always on achieving customer growth. And that means that you are constantly looking for the right balance between price competition, auction competition and conversion rate.

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