Also, her website is quite attractive and elegant, strengthening the idea of ​​a feminine and distinguished woman. On the other hand, the average price of a garment is $2,900. 14. Lorraine Saravia facebook icon instagram icon digital marketing by lorena saravia best mexican clothing brands Lorena Saravia is a designer who also won the “Who’s on next Vogue” contest, being her drive to position her brand as one of the most famous in the country. Regarding the concept of the brand, she is a pioneer of contemporary Mexican design and seeks to break paradigms. It stands out for the way it presents its collections and for being the first to open a Temporary Store in Mexico.

That is, a store that has an expiration date. Besides, it is focused on independent and hard-working women between 30 and 40 years old with a strong personality and purchasing power, which is why they find it attractive to adapt to new trends. 15. Carla Fernandez facebook icon instagram icon carla fernandez marketing mexican clothing Pakistan Phone Number brand Carla Fernandez is a designer recognized for working with communities in Mexico. Mainly, she wants to convey the concept of ethical fashion that is innovative, avant-garde and progressive. In addition, she is dedicated to preserving and revitalizing the textile heritage of indigenous communities . The headquarters are in Mexico City, but Carla Fernandez and her team spend more time visiting communities of artisans specializing.

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in handmade textiles and centuries-old techniques. It is clear that the approach of the brand with the communities occurs because it wants to preserve the methods and artists. It has 18 thousand fans on Facebook and 63.9 thousand on Instagram and just as it does on its website, it uses these media to share its clothes and its objective. In addition, the average price of their clothes is $540, being quite affordable. 16. Rachel Orozco facebook icon instagram icon digital marketing of raquel orozco mexican clothing brand Raquel Orozco is a renowned designer who created her homonymous brand in 2008, this being one of the most exclusive in Latin America with its headquarters in Mexico City.

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On the other hand, the brand is for women between 25 and 35 years old.  Who are looking for a relationship between trends and comfort, exclusivity and elegance. The website transmits elegance and security, a quite marked style of the company. In addition, he has 114 thousand followers on Instagram and 20 thousand on Facebook, having better reach and communication on Instagram. Also, the clothes are around $5000. 17. Fensi facebook icon instagram icon fensi digital marketing of mexican clothing brand Fensi is a brand of designer swimwear , which stands out for being unique and of quality. The originality and extravagance in the designs is a key factor for the punch that Fensi has,

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they draw a lot of attention and the content on networks highlights the unprecedented of the pieces. It is a growing brand, so it has 1.4 thousand followers on Facebook and 19.1 thousand on Instagram. We recommend that you make more publications.  On networks following the line that you have already established.  In order to reach more women between the ages of 23 and 33. Lastly, the average price of a Fensi swimsuit is $1,285. 18. Pink Magnolia facebook icon instagram icon pink magnolia digital marketing of Mexican.  By the sisters Paola and Pamela Wong in 2009. In the first place, it was a university project but over time.  They gave shape to the idea and created one of the best known brands.

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