In a recent article , I gave you a list of very useful resources if you want to improve your Argentina Email Database in all activities related to inbound marketing . Among them, I mentioned #SciChat , a webinar offered by Hubspot and hosted by expert Dan Zarella who dissects trends, studies and best practices relating to the world of Social Media .

While browsing Dan Zarella’s personal blog , I was really surprised by the amount of high quality content available to its readers. The case studies , the analyzes or of graphics offer a wealth of often surprising and always useful information that we offer a new vision on the use of social media as part of their professional activity. In his latest study, he looked at all of the factors influencing the Retweet potential of a Twitter post . Want to boost the reach of your Twitter posts? So follow these few tips :ear.

Optimal length of a tweet

Tweets between 100 and 115 characters in length are more likely to be retweeted. The graph below shows that tweets in this range were 34% more likely to be relayed than others . He also demonstrated that at 120 characters, a tweet had reached its maximum threshold of RT, before dropping dramatically when it exceeded that number. This is certainly due to the fact that, beyond this critical threshold, there is not much room left for the user to add personal information.

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Tweets that contain at least one hashtag are 55% more likely to be Retweeted . This is understandable because the purpose of the hashtag is to increase the reach of the tweet. Be careful not to abuse this technique at the risk of becoming illegible (a limit of 3 hashtags seems to be reasonable). Quote in a tweet
Tweets that contain a quote are 30% more likely to be Retweeted than those that don’t. This is proof that quotes offer great viral potential .


It’s generally believed that using CTAs increases a post’s Retweet potential, but to what extent? The choice of words is of crucial importance , with some attracting more Retweets than others: The strongest RTs are ” Please help ” and ” Please Retweet ” which both increase RT rate by over 120%. Proof that Twitter Addicts have their hearts set on their sleeves;) “ Please RT ” and “ Please ” both also have very good scores; Finally, the CTA with the lowest RT rate is “ visit ”, which admittedly sounds more like a promotional message. Be careful though to use these Call-to-action sparingly, their viral potential will quickly fade if you include them in each of your tweets.

In conclusion, it is interesting to note that, like A / B Testings , making small changes to our habits on Twitter can have a major impact and considerably increase the reach of our publications. It is nevertheless important to emphasize that, even if you practice these small techniques, it is the content of your tweets that will make all the difference !

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