You have realized the potential of social networks and you have decided to start a Hong Kong Email List account to represent your business, it is a great decision! To do this, you can read our article from last week: Some tips for a successful corporate Twitter account!

The launch of a Twitter account requires a little patience, at the beginning your number of followers will increase slowly. It is a question of remaining constant and of proposing quality interventions (tweets) to develop this base of followers … In certain situations, the temptation can be strong to have recourse to services of a new kind: the buying followers . Indeed, we often recognize an active or interesting twitter account by its number of followers … The bias of any performance index is that it can become an objective in itself replacing the initial objective for which it was intended. been designed. The number of your followers is an indicator of your audience on the internet, but should not become an obsession!

Don’t Lose Sight Of The Purpose Of Your Twitter Account

Namely being in contact with influencers or targets with whom you can interact. You will not be able to trade, be retweeted or receive mentions from fake followers, who are very often bots. It’s pretty much the same as having a press conference and filling the room with scarecrows or mannequins … The profit is very limited … In her survey published on the Huffington Post , Lauren Provost returns to the fact that personalities and companies have already resorted to buying followers.

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In order to understand the ins and outs of this market, she bought more than 50,000 followers for 33 eurosand if she gives an unflattering assessment of the latter, she also mentions the lack of reactions from Twitter to this problem. It should also be remembered that it is forbidden to have recourse to this type of service. However, faced with such attractive prices, some might be tempted to take the plunge, but once again, we do not recommend it.

The Use Of False Followers Is Not Very Discreet

Justifying the use of such methods risks turning out to be a perilous communication exercise. Still in her investigation, Lauren Provost evokes Status People and her tool to flush out false followers. Other tools are just as effective: the illustration of this post is a comparison made by us using Twittercounter concerning 2 company accounts.

The light blue curve is the evolution of the @Markentive_CEO account which progresses randomly depending on the quality of our interventions, our activity … The second curve represents another company with an evolution of followers so geometric that it … A quick glance at the profile of the followers of this company confirms that this company probably bought these followers in one way or another … To talk to “real people” “, add value to the discussion and your followers will come by themselves!

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